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What are we?

The Megatokyo Writer's Archive is a searchable database of the Filks, Verse, Parodies, Fanfiction and Songfics dealing with the Megatokyo Comics or the Megatokyo Story Discussions Forum Community.

The creative works database can be accessed at cwdb.azaphrael.org.

What are we not?

This is not an archive of Role Playing threads or posts. In particular, it is not a "MT:tC" archive. Megatokyo the Clans material is archived on the TC Wiki.

This is not the only archival effort. DigitalLancer maintains the MicroTokyo MT Fanfiction Archive. A great deal of verse can be found on Negatokyo. Oop-Ack contains many fine pieces of fanart. The CGed Strips Database has colorized versions of Megatokyo Strips. And they say that one day, in our hour of greatest need, the haiku archives will return.

Who maintains this archive?

The archive itself is maintained by several elder forum bards. Works may be submitted anonymously by anyone, so please add your own pieces to help the archives grow.

Web hosting, domain, and bandwidth are provided by _Quinn. The cwdb codebase is written by Alan J Castonguay, and any site criticisms or bug reports should be directed toward him.

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