The Greatest Seyuu

- Elyscape

[!filk] The original song, I find, fits very well with the anime series "Haibane Renmei".

Note: The line in the original that reads:
In reply to:
Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein
Actually sounds more like...
Ehh, Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein
I treat the "ehh" as a syllable in this filk. Also note that I'm going for singability here, not scanning. That is to say, this can all be sung (despite the couple of scanning errors), if you're willing to spend a little bit of time listening to the song beforehand. [/!filk]

The Greatest Seyuu
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Apologies to Rammstein

She waits behind the counter, bored
Not knowing of the amassing horde
Her talents once known to the world
Now lurk inside her, tightly curled

I wonder why she's now hiding
Maybe fame was not her thing
I have to know, goddammit, why?

My God, where did she go? Where and why?

Once she had all that one could want
But now she's much more nonchalant
Her career once great is now ruined (she was best)
The greatest seyuu won't return

I hope that one time I can see
The one whom I fanbo-y (1)
I stay up late, wondering why

God, why did my idol say goodbye?

She sits around hoping for peace
Rather glad the fanboys ceased
And yet she wonders through the night

<Why did I leave the recording site?>

(1) Extend the syllables in the word "fanboy" to be more like "fanbo-ii".

by Rammstein

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