Being greatly moved by the sight of smiling Kimiko with tears of joy, I have ventured my first formal attempt at verse. I doubt my abilities can do justice to the inspiring image of Kimiko, but I must try to give voice to the emotions awakened.

To Kimiko, from the Readers

The cold snows of her heartbreaking sadness,
melt in the radiance of her heart's joy,
taking liquid form in her passionate eyes.
Formless feeling given tangible shape,
set free into the world for all to share.
You are generous, gracious Kimiko,
that even now in your private rapture,
you share with us the exultant song,
of your angelic, compassionate soul.
As we have felt the chill of your sorrow,
now in your warm happiness we bask,
and in happy chorus echo your rapture.
Would that destroying Time stop on this hour,
fixed forever upon Kimiko's splendor!

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