Inspired by [573].

Smiling through unshed tears, I mask my pain,
Shouldering this hateful burden again.
Once, the roles I played did my soul consume,
Fleeing, I sought shelter in the shadows' gloom,
But Fame's spotlight makes such subterfuge vain.

Fans dream dreams that only I can maintain,
Bright fantasies that do their lives sustain,
But a nightmare for me who faces doom,
Smiling through unshed tears ...

Once more, I must face the publics' acclaim,
And their selfish lusts may drive me insane.
No peace in this life, so I must assume,
When cold and silent I lie in my tomb,
Only then my freedom will I attain,
Smiling through unshed tears.

The verse form is a rondeau and the meter is pentameter, though not iambic.

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