Ping-chan the Poet

Ping-chan the Poet
loved rhyming rythmic verse
with a fiber pipe and button nose
and two eyes made out of souls.

Ping-chan the Poet
had a little bug they say:
if sad girls in snow
lin'd up in a row
young poets she would slay!

There must have been some awful verse*
on that new hard drive she found:
for when she put in it in her purse**
she began poets to pound!

Ping-chan the Poet
was angry as she could be
and young poets say
she could come and slay
just the same as Largo, see.

Ping-chan the Poet
ran her power low that day
so she said don't run
and I'll have my fun
now before I fade to grey***.

Down to the phorum
with a boomstick in her hand
walking here and there and around at Square
saying stop me if you can.

She chas'd them 'round the MegaTown
Right to the CD**** cop
and she only paused a moment when
Sonada hollered stop*****!

Ping-chan the Poet
had more poets left to slay
but she waved goodbye
saying don't you die
I'll be back again someday!

- _Quinn

* I know, it's too long. Deal. :-)
** Her Programmable Universal Reading System Extension, of course. ;-)
*** Keep her hair or eye color anything other than grey requires a continuous current, so she "fades to grey" when she runs out of power.
**** Cataclysm Divison.
***** Well, OK, "stoppu," but that's too hard to sing.

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