The Goth took the Gullible Girl to shop,
In an elegant tailor's store,
Where they looked at a dress that was made to impress,
But the stitching was really quite poor.
The Girl showed courage despite her blush,
And asked like a lonesome dove;
"Oh wise Miss Miho, you know of my crush,
Do you think Mr. Piro's in love,
In love,
Do you think Mr. Piro's in love?"

"A quick look will show many girls want to know,
Just where Piro's heart can be found.
It's still in the air, and who will ensnare,
His heart when it falls to the ground?"
This reply, spoke so bland, made the Girl's eyes expand,
As her angst and her panicking grew,
And her voice, full of dread, echoed back as she fled;
"You want to be under it too,
It too,
You want to be under it too!"

With a Cheshire-like smile, the Goth thought for a while:
"Seems she's not so na´ve after all.
Since defeat at his hands, in far virtual lands,
I've waited to see his heart fall.
To capture his heart, I will have to be smart
(Or else all my plans will be stopped),
But unlike all the rest, my motive's to test,
Like my own, will it break when it's dropped,
It's dropped,
Like my own, will it break when it's dropped?"

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