She likes to sleep with the radio on
So she can dream of her favorite song
The one that no one has ever sung since she was small

A sad, tired look. Does she get enough sleep? Everyone should know that sleep is good. Helps you fight the 3vil much better -you're more alert. They won't catch you off guard that way.

She always looks tired, that ch1xx0r. Maybe a faint smile on her face, but apart from that, it's like everything is blank. Like nothing's there anymore, like all her colors got washed out.

She'll never know that she made it up
She had a soul and we ate it up
Thrown away like a paper cup
The music falls...

A voice. Ah. Didn't Piro have a poster of her?

Or did at one point... I'm pretty sure I threw it away. Why get all weepy over a voice? Those people get paid to not be themselves. And just be a voice - a single voice. Not even acting, or modeling for the newest l33t shooters - you're not putting your body into it, not giving it all that you've got!

And this Erika... it shows, with her. She takes no pride in what she has done. She wants to start over. Have her old self fade away. Have her old avatar be erased, deleted from collective memory...

In the dream I refuse to have
She falls asleep in a lukewarm bath
We're left to deal with the aftermath again

I know I'm not much. I know I have a fridge full of b33r (it's coolant, really!). But dammit, at least I speak my mind. At least I'm honest, and I have no regrets.

If I can help her... I will. I have to.

On behalf of humanity
I will fight for your sanity
How profound such profanity can be

No regrets...

Won't it be dull when we rid ourselves
Of all these demons haunting us
To keep us company...

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