Once again it is open mike night. In the dim light, the crowd waits eagerly for the next performer. To the shock of all, Sonicsuns42 steps onto the stage, holding his acoustic guitar.

"Well everyone," he says, "it's great to be back!"
The crowd applauds.
"It's been 10 months since I last performed a filk for you. From the very beginning, I meant to update "MegaTokyo Guy' as the comic progressed, but sadly I haven't gotten around to it until now. But I'm happy to announce that 'MegaTokyo Guy' has now had 3 verses added, covering the 100 comics that have passed in my absence, all the way up to #572!"
The crowd applauds enthusiastically.
"So here it is again, everyone. My apologies to Don Mclean. You'll probably notice that I sing it more upbeat than him, except for the first and last verses. And in case you can't tell, this is sung from Piro's perspective. GO MEGATOKYO!"
The crowd gives a mighty cheer as sonicsuns begins his song.

Well Largo fought in cyberspace
And Ed tried out his "pretty face"
While Boo the Hamster fought a cat
He got rid of his feline foe
Asmodeous stopped by the place to say hello
While Largo gave the cyber-girl a blow

(But) the girl made virtuous claims
His firewall went up in flames
Boo used his rocket pack
To launch a huge attack!

Poor Seraphim was really hurt
A fanboy invaded but Largo was alert
He grabbed that guy- thew him in the dirt
Erika looked afraid.

Someone was singin'

Well Yuki stopped on by the store
But didn't make it through the door
She thought I liked Erika-san
And Miho called to freak me out
I really don't know what she was talking about
Now that's a girl who's strange beyond all doubt

And Seraphim seemed half-insane
Would someone come and please explain
Why she said to me "No,
Don't try for Kimiko."?!?!?

The lines for 'Sight' were pretty lame
But 'Girl Phase' was different –got a lot of fame
And Erika can't escape her name
So started, chapter, five

I started singin'

Erika brought us stuff to eat
And Ping ran out onto the street
'cause she was really late for school
I looked outside and then I saw
A massive horde of fanboys - and I was in awe
They worshiped something here without a flaw

I went downstairs to help my boss
I'll tell you I was at a loss
It seems Erika's famous
I'm such an ignoramus!

Junpei got Largo outta there
The class ran in to fight the zombies unaware
Ed's laser burned poor Ping-chan's hair
Erika, fought, the swarm

I started singin'

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