While I could just post a simple one sentence compliment, Shoka deserves a more substantial accolade. So in his honor, I present this filk tribute ...

The Ballad of Shoka-san
{After The Ballad of Davy Crockett.}

Born in the mind of Ed Gorey,
The strangest creature you'll ever see,
Writes up a storm to the forum's glee,
One of the best, I think you'll agree,
Shoka, the not-a-penguin, fleeing the mental wards.

When he's posting you know what's in store,
Haikus, limericks, and parodies galore,
And when with laughter the forums roar,
Then the forumites will call out for more!
Shoka, the not-a-penguin, king of the forum bards.

In the story forum he does dwell,
Where he filks often and he filks damn well,
When others doubt his work they can excel,
Then with vorpal cream pies he gives them hell!
Shoka, the not-a-penguin, leaves pies as calling cards.

When it comes to wordplay he won't be outdone,
And with wicked humor he often stuns,
In his limericks there are evil puns,
With Shoka here, the party has just begun!
Shoka, the not-a-penguin, king of the forum bards!

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