M.T. Chapter 5
Gomen nasai, Lou Bega

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is M.T. Chapter 5

One, two, three, four, five
Got the chapter dragging on, yet we still
Survive to make another week of the comic
The boys say they want some fan-service
But I'm trying to avoid a
Flamefest like we had last time
My angst's online
And I can't even whine
I draw schoolgirls like Asako and Mami on computer
And every time I do then
I think they're getting cuter
I'm no professional I can't even draw at all
This site's here just for my myself, stuff I draw
It's no good it's an eyesore
Please buy from my new store

I draw a bit of Junko with her l33t skill
I draw a bit of Erika her look could kill
I draw a bit of Ping on her rampage
I draw a bit of Yuki underage
I draw a bit of Seraphim in my ear
I draw a bit of Miho makes us ph34r
I draw a bit of Kimiko for my plans
I'm getting pretty worried 'bout my scary fans

M.T. Chapter 5!

Draw girls real thin and add some text in
Then erase all again
Now we throw in the bin
Move one frame left
And one frame right
Stuck on one word and here all the night
Head-desk once
And head-desk twice
And if you're twelve hours late
Then the comic's on time


Dom! Stick Guy! The Stick Guy!
M.T. Chapter 5!


I want you all
Fall in love with a girl I draw
If I ever get done, the comic will thrive
We'll be here long past Chapter Five.

M.T. Chapter 5!

Notes: I thought surely someone would have filked this by now. However a search of both the Forums and the Megatokyo Writers' Archive turned up nothing. Now I know why. This song is FREAKING HARD to filk.

I hope I've managed to not make it too awful. If you hadn't realised, it's from Fred's point of view. Well, sort of, since I have little idea what Fred actually thinks, but you get the idea.

Special thanks to Phy for putting up with me while I wrote it.

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