Fangirls In Baltimore
- apologies to Counting Crows

The Forums grow quiet, there's none left to speak
You'd think they were shutting them down
There's fanboys in Baltimore, end of this week
In chat rooms there's no-one around

I need a fanart
I need some role-play
I need to speculate
I need a fanart

Kimiko, Piro, Largo and Ping
Inhabit every new frame
The comic is still there
But I just have no discussion, it's just not the same

I need a fanart
Dream of a plane ride
I need a flame war
Dream of the cosplay

My threads get no answers
I'm sounding so lame
There's fangirls in Baltimore, baby
Without them it isn't the same

There's panels and screenings, artists in booths
I miss them, miss all of my friends
Ten thousand five hundred miles away
Alone here until it all ends

I need a fanart
Maybe I should buy some manga
I can always read their weblogs
If they bother to update them

And I wish it was a small world
Because I'm missing out Otakon
I'd like to jostle with the big crowd
Find some stuff to waste my cash on

I need a fanart

I need the photos
I really need the photos
I really really need the photos
I really really really need the photos
I really need the photos


For anyone who's just crawled out from under a rock, the big anime convention, Otakon, is on this weekend in Baltimore. Seems like most of my friends are going. A bunch of other people from this forum too. So this one's for Rachel, Pam, Rob, Brad, Josh, Jasmine, Nate, other-Josh, Garran, Patrick, Jay, ph00t, code, AC, Dani, Mike and ALL the rest (sorry if I missed naming you). I hope you guys all have a great time there. And yes, I really need the photos.

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