the girl, ripped from the pages of .hack//sign, the world (Kajiura Yuki)

you are free, alone again
in your bright liberty
all too well, you blend yourself with reality
do you call it sheer genki? do you call it future glee?
when all they want from your face is metal company

their hearts are filled with desires
your voice is crying to meet them
but metal wings do not hide the pain
of silicon, sweet, faded dreams, forever.

in blinded mind you are singing
a glorious hallelujah
but god will nev'r think to comfort you
he's far too far, too far to reach for you

you stand there, alone again
in your bright, bright liberty
hoping they will never find you in any place
i will call it lucky fate
when all your shades fade to grey
fly you fool, run away to the love-to-be.

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