I apologise from the bottom of my heart to Barry Manilowe, what ever you have done in your life you didn't deserve this.

A cosplay as wrong as they can go
Original: "Copa Cabana" by Barry Manilowe

In megatokyo, there was a fanboy
He can't be called very smart, but his sewing skills are sharp
He made a costume, it was a fuku
And He stalked his favorite star, Moeko-chan his hero's called
And when he found his prey, Largo was in his way
He took off his outer clothes
Largo screamed "Oh no"

He's Moeko, Man Moeko
A cosplay as wrong as they can go
He's Moeko, Man moeko
While fuku is fashion, no man should have 'em
Oh why won't you

Put on some pants
(Moeko, Man Moeko)

The crowd was screaming, the crowd was crying
Largo said avert your eyes, don't look at that awful guise
But the damange, the awful damage
It was already done, a horror next to none
Their eyes needed some bleach, at least a ton for each
The zilla that had been knocked out
oh we envy you

Put on some pants

Moeko, Man moeko
Moeko, Man moeko
Man moeko

(substitute Aaahs! in the original version for screams of horror and disgust)

Moeko, Man Moeko
Why must you show
Those horrible legs so
Oh Why are you, wearing a fuku

A lesson for you, you cannot Shouju
You don't have the proper legs, so don't make me call the regs
Lack of trousers, it's quite disturbing
Know that dresses are for girls, on guys it makes you hurl
It won't fit on a guy, So don't you even try
Equality in all measure
It makes people cry

Put on some pants
(Man Moeko)
Put on some pants
(Man moeko)
(Man moeko)
(Man moeko)

Moeko, Man moeko
Man Moeko (repeate until end)

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