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This songfic is definitely not as good as my last one. So I apologize in advance for the quality. I used only scenes from MT and none of my own devising, as I'm not in the right state of mind to get into Miho's head right now. Still, this is a songfic I've been wanting to do ever since I conceived the Miho/Lain parallel: "Duvet," the opening theme to Serial Experiments Lain.

Many thanks to nathanbp for his search engine, as I made good use of it in the making of this songfic.

And you don't seem to understand
A shame you seemed an honest man

"His fantasies are quite real to him, aren't they?" Miho mused to Piro as he covered Largo's sleeping form with miscellaneous junk from the apartment.

"Largo? Er, yeah. He gets carried away sometimes." Piro looked embarrassed.

"You keep your fantasies to yourself, though, don't you?"

"My... fantasies?" He blinked at her.

Miho smiled. "Makes you a little less than honest, doesn't it?"

And all the fears you hold so dear
Will turn to whisper in your ear

"Piro-san, did you forget about me?" Ping asked Piro as Miho looked on coolly. While Ping continued to grill Piro, Miho noticed Largo out of the corner of her eye and she smiled.

"You weren't looking forward to me coming home. You didn't miss me at all," Ping informed Piro.

"Aieeeee... What did you do to her???" Piro asked Miho desperately.

"Me? I didn't do anything. She's your little fantasy, not mine," Miho said, looking at him nonchalantly.

And you know what they say might hurt you
And you know that it means so much
And you don't even feel a thing

"Thank you for the drawing, "Mr. Piro-san,'" Kimiko said sweetly to Piro. "Bye now."

"Sure, you're welcome... Bye..." he said with a dazed and confused look in his eyes.

Miho looked down on him from atop a light post. "Hmm... How very interesting."

I am falling, I am fading
I have lost it all

"I wonder... How does failure... taste..." Miho's game character whispered to Pirogoeth while holding Pirogoeth's head in his hands.

FWIIIP. The sudden stinging of pain... of blood.

"I know you are cheating," Pirogoeth said. "And I know how to beat it..."

And you don't seem the lying kind
A shame then I can read your mind

Miho noticed Largo behind her. "Oh. It's you again. Are you following me?"

Largo lowered his voice. "Shhh... You can't fool me. I know what you are. You prey on the young blood at this school."

"Hmm? Interesting observation," Miho said, amused.

And all the things that I read there
Candle lit smile that we both share

Miho noticed Largo come into the arcade. "Hmmm... You're a lot like a vampire yourself, aren't you?" She undid her ribbons partially. "You feed off the stimulation and the rush of video games. You cannot live without it. Without it, you are nothing but an empty shell."

Largo sneered at Miho. "Don't even try to apply your undead views on me. Video games are a conduit for the soul. They expand our lives, channel our imagination, test our skillz. Games exist as a channel for the boundless energy of people all over the world. It is a medium you are incapable of understanding."

"Is that what you think?" Miho asked. "One could say that about many things we 'need'. Yet such needs usually entail... An exchange..."

and you know I don't mean to hurt you
But you know that it means so much
And you don't even feel a thing

Miho faced Largo with her head down. "Sensei... can you really face me... damaged... as you are?"

"My wounds are inconsequential," Largo boasted. "Even as an armless, legless torso, I could defeat you. I... Will not back down."

"You hate me... that much."

I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning
Help me to breathe
I am hurting, I have lost it all
I am losing
Help me to breathe

"This cannot be!" Largo exclaimed. "I will not be defeated by a..."


"Impossible..." Largo froze, stunned.

Voices began meshing together in the air. "Tohya didn't play fair. Sensei should have won!" "Tohya cheated! Great Teacher Largo has a broken arm!!" "She probably plays these games all the time. She's weird..." "Great Teacher Largo let her win..." "My brother says she's one of those..." "Eww..."

"Miho-san..." Ping said worriedly.

The voices temporarily silenced as Largo accosted Miho. "Savor this shallow victory. You and your dark hordes will not..."

Miho gave him a forlorn look, and then ran away.

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