Types: Filk, Largo, Humor
Blasting Zombies At The Mall
(to the tune of Counting Flowers on the Wall - apologies to the Statler Brothers)

Piro I know you're concerned about my sanity
But last night I was not really drunk as I can be
With sharp pointy sticks there is no way to ph34r
Zombie Queens and undead hordes, f34r running out of b33r

Blasting zombies at the mall
Laugh my ass off as they fall
Playing Neverquest till dawn with a level of 51
Drinking Sapporo beer watching Samurai Champloo
So you can see I've too much to do

Yesterday I faced the 3vil, a crossplayin clown
All I wanted was a shotgun to put that freakshow down
So please don't give a thought to me I'm really doing fine
Just follow the carnage see I'm having quite a time


Another battle, I must go, I'm looking for a fight
Junko stops me, hands on hips, says "Sensei this isn't right"
Dude she is pissed off but she's blushing like a beet
I never noticed it before but she is pretty l33t


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