Young Miho Went Back to the Arcade
A filk of The Devil Went Back Down to Georgia
Apologies (again…again) to The Charlie Daniels Band
By Arram

Been three long years since young Miho laid her joystick at Largo's feet
And she cursed herself each day for thinking that he wasn't l33t
In her desecrated church the gamer hatched an evil plan
To beat the greatest player for he's just a mortal man
"You will be felled," young Miho yelled, "your time on earth is through"
"I thought we had this settled, I'm the best and I beat you"

Largo did you ever know that time keeps marching on?
The l33test skills will end up fading until they are gone
Now Miho's back to challenge are your skills as good as new
Or will you let young Miho claim her rule?

"Truth is I haven't played much since Erika and I wed
But give me time to warm up an' I'll rip through all of your undead"
But Miho grabbed the golden joystick out of Largo's hand and said
"Boy you exclaim that you can beat me twice, now let's see if you really can"

Y'all better just be turnin' back if you want Largo to win
'Cause practice is the only cure for the predicament he's in
"Now Miho it would be a sin for you to claim you're l33t
So you can go on back to hell, at an all-nighter I'll be"

Largo are you practicin' or will your skillz grow cold?
That girl rules the arcade and with a joystick made of gold
Can you here Erika sighin', will she ever know
That Largo lost a game to young Miho

"Before we play I'd like to warn you for trying to claim that you rule
You caught me off guard before" "Yea, so what you gonna do?"
"Well you get on that pad Miho if you think that you can win
But I beat you once, undead scum and I can kick your ass again"

Largo's team's blue, but Miho's is red
She should have listened to what he said
Miho's dream is that she will rule
But Largo's skillz will prove that she's a fool

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