To Each His Nanashiko
Apologies to Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion
Filk by NightStrife

[Marketing agency]

To each his Nanashiko,
Who's his alone to find.
To each a place he can escape,
Where he can find a blinding drape;
Push troubles out of mind.

For with his Nanashiko,
Whose presence spurs him on,
A man can live without regrets
And pain from things which he regrets;
Shine light on a new dawn.

But if your life is all escapes
One thing will still hold true:
A man who covers pain with drapes
Has cracks which still slip through.

There is no Nanashiko,
She's part of your mind's guile.
But yet how sweet the world would be
If everyone who dreams could see
The pain die for a while.

To each his Nanashiko,
Though she's only in the mind!

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