The Power of B33r (to Dan Fogelberg's "The Power of Gold")

The story you h34r
Of the power of b33r
Is a tale that's intoxicating!
It fizzes and foams,
It leaves drinkers prone,
And constantly needs refilling.

Balance the cost of sobriety lost
With the thirst you must ever ph34r,
Are you under the power of b33r?

She's buying for Largo,
He's taking on cargo,
Whatever they have for drinking!
The lagers and ales
Got him guzzling pails
And talking about his cool thing!

The face that he's wearing is happy now
While Erika's face is aust3r3,
Are you under the power of b33r?

While Kimiko drinks,
It loosens her speech,
And gives voice to her inner feelings.
Then Piro reacts,
He jumps like a cat
That's been startled from deepest sleeping.

Balance the cost of the love you lost
With the loneliness that you ph34r,
Are you under the power of b33r?

The women are lovely
The b33r is superb
But there's something about the song
That disturbs you...

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