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MT Rhapsody

Hayasaka:This is my real life.
Yamagishi: This is insanity!
Trampled by fanboys!
Naught to sell! The humanity!

Random Fanboy: I'm just a fanboy,
I have no sanity.
Other Fanboy: Because they're easy come,
Easy go.
Little Hay, (Note: Pronounced like the first syllable of Hay-asaka)
Little Moe,
Miho: Piro-san? Hi...
Look up to the sky; it's me!
First Fanboy: Where the rave reviews go
Doesn't really matter to me.
To me...

Ping: Piro, just hit a man.
Think he may have hurt his head.
Largo: Dude, that robot injured Ed!
Piro, I lost Ed and Dom
I think the zombies blew them all away.
Miho: Piro, ooooh!
Do you think that you'll survive?
'Till I show up again, same time tomorrow?
Largo: Where is Dom? Where's he gone? Dude, that window pane just shattered!

Too l4t3, the h0ard is h3r3.
Come, students, form a line.
Be prepared, it's testing time.
Forward, everybody - We've got to go.
Junko: Does it strike you odd our teacher's so uncouth?
Miho: Piro, ooooh! (Fanboys: Where the rave reviews go)
Piro: I don't want to die.
I often wish I'd never come here at all!

Asmodeus: I see a little hamster sitting on a man,
Seraphim! Seraphim! Will you ever /help/ Piro?
Seraphim: Bad cologne and lighting, very very biting (Boo: Squ33k!)
Seraphim's Sister: Poor, poor, Piro
Poor, poor Piro.
Sister + Asmodeus: He has to put up with /you/!

Piro: I'm just a fanboy, nobody loves me.
Erika: I'm just an idol, I lost all sanity;
Spare me from my former popularity!
Yamagishi: Easy come, easy go - Will you let her go?
Crowd: Bismillah! No - We will not let her go (Yamagishi: Let her go!)
Crowd: Bismillah! We will not let her go (Largo: Let her go!)
Crowd: Bismillah! We will not let her go (Piro: Let her go!)
Crowd: Will not let her go - (Sonoda: Let her go!) Crowd: Never,
Never let her go - (Kimiko: Let her go!)
Erika: Never let me go? Nooo!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Crowd: Hayasaka! Hayasaka! Hayasaka! (Erika: Let me go!)
Yuki: Piro-sensei has no drawing lesson time for me...
For me...
For me...

Ed: So you think you can throw a lizard at my eye?
When I see my rebuilt face I break down and cry!
Ping: Oh, Sony! Why do this to me, Sony?
Piro: Just gotta get out! Just gotta get right out of here!

Miho: Oh yeah! oh yeah!
Erika: Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
None of this stuff matters - Nothing really matters to me

Kimiko: Where did the colors go?
Hope you enjoyed it.

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