This one's a little more obscure than Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." I'm using "Springtime for Hitler" from Mel Brooks's "The Producers" as basis. Lyrics follow at bottom for those of you who don't know it. If you've never heard it...well, that's what P2P/iTunes is for, right?

Classtime For Largo

Mr. Grier was having trouble; no-one liked his country
Kids were in the cafeteria but were not hungry
First they spelt a G...
Then they spelt a T...
And with an L
We knew full well
The man we had to see

And now it's...

Classtime for Largo's insanity
Rioting's done for the day
There's not an apathetic face
Look out, this gaijin's out of place

Classtime for Largo's insanity
Recess for logic and rules
Classtime for Largo's inanity
Means the classrooms are filling with f00ls

Student: Largo said to m0d my b0x
And so I did, and now it r0x!

Another Student: Come on, all, don't be afraid
We take field trips to the arcade!

Classtime for Largo's insanity
l33t-sp33k's the new sp33k for now
Students are being put at risk
The PTA will fast be pissed
Classtime for Largo's insanity
Case-fires are starting once more
Classtime for Largo's insanity
Means that
Soon they'll stop learning
They're s'posed to be learning
But they won't be learning no more!
Original Lyrics:

Springtime for Hitler - Mel Brooks

Germany was having trouble; what a sad, sad, story
Needed a new leader to restore its former glory
Where oh where was he?
Where could that man be?
We looked around
And then we found
The man for you and me

And now it's...

Springtime for hitler and germany
Deutschland is happy and gay
We're marching to a faster pace
Look out, here comes the master race

Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Winter for Poland and France
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Come on Germans, go into your dance

I was born in Dusseldorf
And that is why they call me Rolf

Don't be stupid, be a smarty
Come and join the NAZI party

Springtime for hitler and germany
Goose-step's the new step today
Bombs falling from the skies again
Deutschland is on the rise again
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
U-Boats are sailing once more
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Means that
Soon we'll be going
We've got to be going
You know we'll be going to war!
Well? How's that for a noble try?
-M. Wordsmith

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