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Stuck Here In Japan - Chapter 0
In which a significant amount of MT plot is condensed into three minutes of song.
Original lyrics follow.
Largo: Stuck here in Japan until we get some more money
Piro, this ain't funny
Piro: A gaming show! Dagnabit!
Largo: Dude, that chest cannot be real; I'll reach out and grab it
Erika: <Put that back or I'll snap it>
Tsubasa: Oh! Hit by a bus? He should have cabbed it.
Piro: Cabbed it?

Piro & Largo: Stuck here in Japan.
Seraphim: Find work! Life isn't free!
Piro, quit leching on the girls and listen to me!

Piro & Largo: Stuck here in Japan.
Piro: Largo, we need some cash
Largo: D00d, I'll just call Dom & Ed and take from their stash

Largo: Hey, Piro, I want you to go out and buy more b33r
Piro: No way! We've got to get back home pretty soon!
(A vending machine appears on the other side of the street.)
(Largo bolts for the machine)
Largo: B33r!
Piro: I don't believe him...

Largo: Stuck here in Japan because my friend is a dumbass
Piro: And you exposed /your/ ass.
Largo: I'm trying to forget that!
Piro: We need to get out of here and off of this island.
Largo: Life back home was real grand.
Piro: Flying here, we passed Easter Island

Largo: We did what?
Piro: You were sleeping.

Largo & Piro: Stuck here in Japan
Piro: How long have we been gone?
Largo: Maybe we'll leave here like we left Saskatchewan

Largo & Piro: Stuck here in Japan.
Piro: Oh, my poor aching head
Largo: I think I just unleashed the queen of the und34d.

Pirogoeth: I think we're lost in this forest.
Gameworlds Largo: Zounds! A woodland Creature!
(Largo proceeds to run off and attack it, dangling its corpse in front of Pirogoeth's face)
Pirogoeth: What is this?
Gameworlds Largo: I do not know, but I have killed it!
Pirogoeth: It was a woodcutter! We could've asked for directions
Gameworlds Largo: Zounds....we're stuck...

Largo & Piro: Stuck here in Japan
Piro: This city has crappy weather
It doesn't snow, ever!
Largo: Shut up about your fetish!
Piro: At least I don't go around on top of Godzilla
Largo: Hey, that thing is killer
Sonoda: Yeah, killer's right, now here's your ticket!

Junpei: (Spoken) Junpei not think so...

Largo & Piro: Stuck here in Japan
Piro: What's that girl doing here?
Largo: Does it matter, d00d? She says she's buying us b33r!

Largo & Piro: Stuck here in Japan
Largo: Will we ever go home
Piro: With these credit bills, we'll both have to take out loans.

Largo & Piro: Stuck here in Japan!
Stuck here in Japan!
(Repeat to Fade)
Movin' Right Along

Kermit: Movin' right along in search of good times and good news,
With good friends, you can't lose,
Fozzie: This could become a habit.
Kermit: Opportunity just knocked, let's reach out and grab it,
Together we'll nab it.
Fozzie: Ya! We'll hitch-hike, bus, or yellow cab it.

Kermit: (spoken) Cab it?

Kermit & Fozzie: Movin' right along
Kermit: Foot-loose and fancy free.
Gettin' there is half the fun; come share it with me.

Kermit & Fozzie:
Movin' right along!
Kermit: We'll learn to share the load.
Fozzie: We don't need a map to keep this show on the road.

Kermit: (looking at the map) Hey, Fozzie, I want you to turn left when you get to a fork in the road.
Fozzie: Yessir: turn left at the fork in the road.
(A giant fork appears in a fork in the road)
Fozzie: KERMIT!
Kermit: I don't believe that.

Kermit: Movin' right along we found a life on the highway,
Fozzie: And your way is my way--
Kermit: So trust my navigation.
Fozzie: California here we come, the pie-in-the-sky land.
Kermit: Palm trees and warm sand--
Fozzie: Though sadly we just left Rhode Island.

Kermit: (spoken) We did what?
Fozzie: (spoken) Just forget it.

Kermit & Fozzie: Movin' right along
Kermit: Hey, L.A., where have you gone?
Fozzie: Send someone to fetch us, we're in Saskatchewan.

Kermit & Fozzie: Movin' right along
Kermit: You take it, you know best.
Fozzie: Hey, I've never seen the sun come up in the West.

Kermit: Hey, Fozzie, look up ahead.
(A tall creature is walking on the other side of the quiet empty highway)
Fozzie: What is that?
Kermit: Maybe we should give him a ride.
Fozzie: I dunno. He's pretty big.
(The Studebaker pulls alongside the creature)
Fozzie: Hey, there. Wanna lift?
Big Bird: Oh, no, thanks. I'm on my way to New York City to try to break into public television!
Fozzie: Ah...hmmm, good luck.
(The Studebaker keeps on moving in the other direction)

Kermit & Fozzie: Movin' right along
Fozzie: We're truly birds of a feather,
We're in this together--
Kermit: And we know where we're goin'.
Fozzie: Movie stars with flashy cars and life with the top down.
Kermit: We're stormin' the big town.
Fozzie: Yeah! Storm is right, should it be snowin'?

Kermit: (spoken) No, I don't think so.

Kermit & Fozzie: Movin' right along
Fozzie: Do I see signs of men?
Kermit: Yeah, "welcome" on the same post that says "come back again."

Kermit & Fozzie: Movin' right along
Kermit: Foot-loose and fancy free.
Fozzie: You're ready for the big time--
Kermit: Is it ready for me?

Kermit & Fozzie:
Movin' right along!
Movin' right along!
(repeat to fade)
Thanks to Dang Fool for the idea.

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