Ok, inspired by Madwordsmith, I humbly offer up my first filk. Not original to the Muppets, the filked song "Simon Smith and his Dancing Bear" was done on the Muppet Show and shows up on their 25th anniversary CD along with several of the movie songs. As this one is kind of obscure, I'm adding a link to the RealAudio clip available at amazon.com, so you can hear the song as I was thinking of it. And now, with no further ado, cringe and/or enjoy:

Largo-san and his amazing high-top hair

[Piro:]We could go home tomorrow, if Largo would ever pull his share.
Instead, he's been distracted by killer RAZ's and zombie stares!
Outrageous, alarming, delusioned, rearming!
Oh who would think that Largo, there
could be allowed to go anywhere?
It's just amazing how blind people can be!

With all the trans-dimensional rips you'd think the cops wouldn't stare.
But after they do nab him, Sonoda gives him a badge to wear!
[Largo:] I now can muster,
a Beowulf cluster!
[Piro:] I should have known that Largo's hair
wouldn't go unnoticed anywhere!
I'm still amazed there're some who call him "sensei."

[Largo:] They'll learn to ph34r, when I am near!
[Piro:] The biggest source of chaos here
is Great Teacher Largo with a b33r.
Yes, we had better quickly all get clear!

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