Grey Lady, Don't You Cry?

Grey Lady, don't you cry,
When your heart is feeling sore?
Here the shadow freighted sky
Is pressing down, but it won't pour.
When the sun that soaked the pavings
Screams away into the night,
Does the rage that you've been saving
Make you tremble with fright?

Grey Lady, don't you sigh,
When you think of what is past?
The regrets that you deny
Are dampened shrouds that hold you fast.
Now your eyes grow dim and shuttered,
Your expression lone and stark,
Like a candle that has guttered
Down into the dark.

Grey Lady, won't you try
To fish your spirit from the well?
It is cool down there, but why
Can't you admit that this is hell?
There's a temple gate up high,
Where a bird is taking wing,
So, Grey Lady, won't you cry
When the stone bells ring?

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