Chapter 2 : Eight kids in confined spaces…

"I'm hungry…"
"I told you to have breakfast before you came" Junko poked Aiko in the arm "You always have to cause trouble don't you?"
"I'm hungry…"
The group sat in the interior of the rather huge people carrier, Junko, Aiko, Ping and Taiya in the second row and Makoto, Ryu, Hiroshi and Midori in the first. Makoto laughed and leaned over the seat, handing Aiko a chocolate bar "There you go Aiko. Trust me to be prepared"
Junko sighed and lay back, staring out of the window as the city swept by, the people heading off to work "Yeah, I knew someone was going to have forgotten to have breakfast…"
Aiko took the bar and gave him a big grin "Thank you Ko-Ko Chan!" She quickly unwrapped it and took a bite before she noticed everyone was staring at her, her eyes moving slowly around as she paused mid chew. Makoto clapped his hands together "Haha, it's worth it, you look positively adorable when you eat!"
She turned red as a tomato and swallowed the chunk whole, attempting to hide her face with her hands. She curled up, glaring at him as she shuffled towards Junko "Eeee… stop it… Junko! Makoto's embarrassing me!"
Midori climbed up on her own chair and looked down at her through her thick glasses, slightly confused "What's wrong with being adorable?"
Aiko gave them another furious look and tugged at her friend's sleeve franticly "Junko, they're being mean!"
Junko sighed and continued to look out of the window, shrugging her off as she leaned against the glass "What do you want me to do about it? Live with it, you're cute"
Ryu grinned at Ping, the little android looking around and up at him with a puzzled expression. He just laughed at her "I think Ping could give Aiko some competition on that"
Taiya smiled and closed her eyes as she placed her hands behind her head "I've got to admit that's a pretty heavy combination there"
Ping looked at all of them before clenching her hands together and smiling cheerfully "Wai! That makes me feel happy!"
Makoto waved his hand at her "See, Ping doesn't mind being adorable. Not that any of your can even touch my shear aura of cuteness of course, though you can all plump for being third best"
They all said it at the same time "Third?"
He just shrugged, giving a fake look of surprise as he nodded towards Taiya "Well you can hardly compete with our lovely titan of death can you"
She smirked and looked down at her feet "Damn right…"
Ryu's expression suddenly grew serious and he slid back down into his seat, sighing before quickly returning to normal "Aren't we there yet?"
Yori turned her head to them, frowning angrily "Hey! Don't you lot get shirty with me! And get off the seats, sit down you little monkeys!" She turned back to the road and snorted to herself "Look, we're almost there"

The sign declaring the large glass building as Agano Gardens came into view, another hanging underneath baring the legend "Grand Opening Music Festival!" a long queue of people already outside. Taiya nodded in appreciation "It's a nice looking building"
Junko sighed as she looked it over, it was quite nice looking she had to admit, but then new buildings normally were, "I've never heard of anyone in this festival thing…"
Aiko just gave Junko a pouty look as Yori looked for somewhere to park, poking her on the arm "Three Biscuit are great! They're going to be big soon, you just wait for it!"
Makoto nodded in agreement "They are pretty good…"
Junko smirked "Well I don't like that kind of music. And if a band called Three Biscuit ever become famous I'll…"
Makoto chuckled and raised an inquisitive eyebrow at her "Snog Aiko?"
Junko laughed and nodded "Ok then, it's a bet"
"Pervert… Plus the leader singer is like, 40 or something?"
Aiko stuck her tongue out "Ewww, no you won't… and I think Ayame is cute…"
"Aiko… Ayame is a girls name"
Aiko punched Junko on the shoulder, doing the grand total of nothing "Wah! You're not allowed to make fun of the bands I like! And he's 32!"
"It's still a girls name"

Yori pulled up outside and punched the button for the locks "Right bitches, get out of my car"
The doors opened and they all started to get out, breathing in the fresh morning air as Makoto laughed at her "Love you too Yori-Chan"
Ryu nodded as he followed his friend, smiling at Yori "Yeah… hey, are you single? Just wondering…"
"Don't bother mate, she's a lesbian"
Yori's eyes narrowed and she glared at her brother "I have a boyfriend…"
"How come you never bring him home then huh?"
"I'm not letting him anywhere near you freaks. I'll never see him again"
Junko shouted to them as the others moved towards the line "Hey Makoto! Stop flirting with your sister and get moving!"
Yori gave Makoto one last ugly look before hitting the accelerator and speeding off, Ryu laughing at her "Man, you and your sister sure seem to fight a lot"
Makoto gave him a funny look as he moved toward where Junko and the others were "You kidding? I love my sister, she's cool. Good genes!"
"So your whole family are weird and hard to work out then?"
"I prefer… enigmatic"


Umph… another all talk, no real action or plot chapter. Fred, you moan but I suck far more than you at pacing sleep.gif

In the good news, I typed the Miho discussion today, being hit by sudden inspiration. I like it a lot, look out for it in chapter 4-5 odd. Yes, I am actually getting somewhere!

These bastards write themselves, I can't control them.

I didn't spend as much time on this (I can't, the last one took weeks) so I don't think it's quite as polished. I could take forever doing that though.

Aiko's a rock chick! Can't you just imagine her in the mosh pit?

Ping isn't one to speak up much, though she'll have a LOT more to say later.

Three Biscuit were named from the fact there were three biscuits on the plate when they were naming the band. They used English to make it sound cool.

They're not bad.

Doubt there's going to be any hot lesbian activity between Aiko and Junko though.

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