Chapter 3 : Differing tastes

The group marched through the doors and into the wide street inside, the place filled with people talking and shopping. Midori looked around with wide eyes and giggled like a schoolgirl "Wow, they've got some pretty nice shops here!"
Taiya grabbed a leaflet from a nearby stand and flipped it open with a flick of her wrist "Hmm hmm hmm… you're right. Bit far though. If it was closer it would be perfect"
They found a suitable space and filed out as Junko stopped and turned to the group, her legs apart and her chest thrust out "Right, are we all here?"
"Yes miss!"
"You always have to be a smart ass don't you Makoto? Shut it. One two three four… ok! Who's doing what?"
Aiko stuck her hand up "Me and Makoto are going to see Twin Sonic!"
Junko searched around inside her trousers and pulled out a pen, writing their names down before waving it at them, looking like nothing so much as a general addressing her army. All traces of illness had left her face now, she was in her element "Ok, what about the rest of you?"
Midori stabbed her finger at a name on the program "I've heard some of these guys' music…"
"Which guys?"
"Muh…hea… third down, second stage"
Junko nodded and tapped her pen against it "Mucha… something… what language is that, German?"
"Well I've heard of them. I think you would like them Junko, we have similar tastes in music"
Junko shrugged and wrote their names down "What is this, a music festival or a 'who can make up the most stupid name' festival… what about you Hiroshi?"
He looked up quickly "Hmm?"
Junko just narrowed her eyes and clicked her fingers at him "Wake up Hiroshi! Are you coming with us?"
He looked around at the others before shrugging "Uh… ok"
Ryu smiled and moved over to Ping who was standing there with a spaced out smile on her face "Hey, Ping-Chan, what kind of music do you like?"
She blinked before smiling sweetly at him "Me? Oh… I don't really know…"

Taiya suddenly gave an evil grin and came up behind her, placing a hand on Ping's shoulder "Hey, you want to come with me Ping-Chan? No one else will and it's lonely on my own"
Ping lifted her head up, looking at Taiya's face as it hovered over her "Really Taiya-Sempai? Wai, I would love to come with you!" She looked back at Ryu again, a slightly horrified look on his face "Do you want to come with us Ryu-San?"
His eyes flashed to Taiya and back to Ping before they moved to Taiya again, the big girl smiling slightly, something slightly unpleasant behind it as she spoke slowly and purposely "I don't mind"
"Takami-San… that's not fair…" He paused for a moment before his head dropped and his arms flopped to his side "That's ok Ping chan... you go have fun…"
"I will! Where are we going Taiya-Sempai?"
"I'm not sure yet, that's half the fun…"
Junko gave Ryu a glance that looked suspiciously sympathetic before she carried on "Right, that's everyone… oh, Ryu, where are you going?"
"I'll just… walk around"
Aiko flicked a rubber band at his head and it bounced off his ear, Junko giving her a angry glare before clapping her hands together "Ok then! We meet back here at 12:00 for lunch, don't be late! Who forgot their watches?"
Ping raised her hand "I don't have a watch"
"Well just stick with Takami-San. No one else? Not even you Aiko?"
Junko nodded and placed the program back in her pocket before clapping her hands together once more "Right, you can go"

Taiya grinned at them and gave a wave as she began to walk away, Ping skipping along behind her happily. Makoto watched her for a few moments before making a fist and letting out a huge laugh "BUSTED! Sooooo busted…"
Ryu just sighed and scratched his head "I deserved that I suppose" He frowned in the direction they had left "Still, I won't rest until I get Ping alone! After all, when did the course of true love ever run smooth?"
Junko's eyes narrowed and she pursed her lips "Ryu, you've known her all of five seconds. You want to get her into bed, quit with the bad poetry"
Aiko giggled at Junko's deadpan expression and flicked another elastic band at her "Junko!"
She just caught it in one hand and threw it to Midori "Aiko, one day I'm going to hang you from the roof with those things. Ok, let's get going, shows start in 15"

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