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Character Scan (couldn't come up with a good title)
by E-chan

Largo-san, Largo-san,
Doing the things a gamer can.
What's he like? He's a l33t-master.

Is he a freak, or is he absurd?
When he's fighting zombies does he get hurt?
Or is his outlook on life just blurred?
Nobody knows, Largo-san.

Miho-san, Miho-san,
Miho-san scorns Largo-san.
He plays poorly, Miho thinks.

Erika-san, Erika-san,
Nobody mess with Erika-san.
Usually kind to Yuki-chan.

She's got fame and plenty of fans--
Known throughout Japan, but the idol ran.
Watch out Yuki, she'll break your hand.
Powerful girl, Erika-san.

Piro-kun, Piro-kun,
Hit in the nose by an otaku.
Sad 'cause there was naught he could do.

Always depressed, forever a mess?
Surely feels totally worthless.
Who will save poor Piro-kun?
Bleeding at noon, Piro-kun.

Kimiko-chan, Kimiko-chan,
Kimiko-chan likes Piro-kun.
But hugged too tight, Kimiko frets

Actual Lyrics to Particle Man
by They Might Be Giants

Particle man, particle man
Doing the things a particle can
What's he like? It's not important
Particle man

Is he a dot, or is he a speck?
When he's underwater does he get wet?
Or does the water get him instead?
Nobody knows, Particle man

Triangle man, Triangle man
Triangle man hates particle man
They have a fight, Triangle wins
Triangle man

Universe man, Universe man
Size of the entire universe man
Usually kind to smaller man
Universe man

He's got a watch with a minute hand,
Millennium hand and an eon hand
When they meet it's a happy land
Powerful man, universe man

Person man, person man
Hit on the head with a frying pan
Lives his life in a garbage can
Person man

Is he depressed or is he a mess?
Does he feel totally worthless?
Who came up with person man?
Degraded man, person man

Triangle man, triangle man
Triangle man hates person man
They have a fight, triangle wins
Triangle man


I'll put the second filk in a separate post.

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