When I Log In

Sign up, you've just begun. You're acting cautious, see how it's done;
Learn some stuff and have some fun, start your thing.
Look around, to your surprise,
There's so much that's done right before your eyes.
Story theories. CG art. Fanfictions with many parts.
Various posts that make you start

All these things the forums bring and show for people to see
My mind will sing when I log in
My mind will sing when I log in

You look some more and think that you've goofed.
You're seeing post counts that go through the roof.
These guys must all be quite aloof, know so much more...
Don't worry, they don't act that way, they'll show you how to enjoy your stay
Don't be afraid of flames said, don't on other people's toes tread
Beware Mike the Vagrant's art threads
Lest your eyes get sore


Sabyr makes new scripts and critiques comic with a passion
But that isn't something wrong
Nightstrife does verse, of every sort and fashion
RPing, there's room for all, so try to get along

So you're getting it, and you've learned a lot
This isn't as bad as you thought
It's a place where everybody's got something to bring.
As you find more, you will agree, there's always something new to see,
As scientision colour fills, themadwordsmith is filking still,
Hibiki posts another mille,
When I log in.


Just something to welcome the newcomers with smile.

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