Types: Filk, Community
All SD Is
Original by Ace of Base
Filked by umhyuk

They took over SD
They took over SD

When the summer again came to a close
And the fall was at your door
They awoke among us in SD
mad and l33t wordsmiths
They rampages with their filks
Even E-chan joined their ranks
NightStrife and DD rallies them to write
And I am among them

All SD is, is an imense filkfest
Like seyosama said
All SD is, is an imense filkfest
All SD is, is an imense filkfest
That everyone can join
All SD is, is an imense filkfest
All SD wants - all SD wants

So if you want SD back you now must act
Revive your talking toasters
and have them put up a big front
that stop the filk march
Defeating them with art
throgh discussion or RP
Cause' if you give them chance they will get you
and have you join their ranks

All SD is...

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