Miho poem
Destruction Like Breathing

If I give you gifts, will you keep me here?
If I give you insults, will you leave my heart bare?
If you have a story, sit down and please tell it to me,
I have all the time in the world…
Please, some one, set me free.
I want to fly away from here, but my wings have broke,
I once soared higher then the clouds, twisted minds to loyalty,
But my precious one, you crashed me down.
Do I make you wonder, when all of your stabilities are killed?
Do you know how long I've waited, to kill your fantasy?
I might love you one day, if you promise to hate me,
It's the only way you'll understand.
I want to take her from you.
I want to take her little heart, crush it underneath me,
My world is just quicksand, destruction is like breathing.
I want to build a castle, on an island, and make them all go away,
But unfortunately, I still need to play….
Can you do it for me? Fix these wings so I can fly?
Will you do it for me? Fill my empty heart?
It seems like I'm always cold… especially at day…
It seems I'm always hungry, someone please fill my mind,
None of this is real, except I play for keeps,
It's so lonely, sometimes I'll take anything for company.
My precious one, come and find me…
I still want to taste your defeat.

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