For my 250th post, it's time for me to overcome my writer's block, one way or another!

I seem fond of filking Great Big Sea songs. I guess I just do happy/catchy songs easier... been trying to do some more depressing ones lately, and keep getting stuck. This one's to "Helmethead" (hehehe....) by Great Big Sea.

Mine: Sega-led

I was just a young man, when I joined the Black Ops corps
I couldn't let Ed get it, so I locked him up in store.
And as for all the others, well they weren't that big a prob...
And that's now all behind me, now I've landed the job!

They shipped me off 'cross the sea, straight to Tokyo,
Where I'm to capture an android, who's run out on the show,
There was Ed in the ship with me, in Sony's fiery grip.
He thinks I'm gonna help him. Man, is he ever a dip!

So good-bye, fare thee well,
I must be on my way,
I really couldn't keep up the ruse another day
So good-bye, fare thee well,
I'm sorry you're misled,
But never trust a fellow who by Sega's brand is led.

I soon found old Largo, he's still quite the crazy guy
His world's a little out there, but he's got a steady eye.
He's teaching at a school now (I'm thinking "What the heck"?)
We blasted up some zombies, and found Ed a real wreck.


Well as I stayed here longer, I found a thing of note.
Seems there's this old idol, who jumped out of the boat...
She works where the guys live, so she wasn't hard to find.
I tipped off some of her fanboys, of the more ravenous kind.

I look out from my airship, see Largo trying to cope.
There's a ninja up behind me, but it worked as I'd hoped...
So very few suspect me, out of the public eye;
You can go and screw that android, I've got bigger fish to fry!

[B]Original: Helmethead
Artist: Great Big Sea
Album: Something Beautiful

I was just seventeen, when I made the AHL
I couldn't skate in junior, but my fists rang like a bell.
I'll never win a title, and I'll never win the cup,
But when it comes to ladies, I've had the best of luck.

My first one was a sly one, hanging round the rink,
But they sent me off to Cornwall, as fast as you could blink,
In Moose Jaw I was right in love, the daughter of the coach -
He traded me for nothing, didn't take to my approach.

So good-bye, fare thee well,
There's no time for delay,
You'll see me at the face-off, or catch the play-by-play
So good-bye, fare thee well,
I'm glad you shared my bed,
But never trust a fellow with a helmet on his head.

Chantal was from Moncton, elle a jouer avec moi.
A tongue as sharp as razors, but she had a fancy car.
Her husband was a bruiser, played senior in Quebec,
If he'd had the rights of it, it would have been my neck.


Nancy couldn't watch me fight, she'd always be in tears,
Waving from the bleachers, and screaming in my ears,
Dee I should have married, and we had a dandy fling,
But I had a one way contract, blew the money for the ring.


I should have sent a letter, and it would have been polite,
But I'm cleaning out my locker, and time is getting tight.
I'm calling from the station, perhaps another day,
Cause they're calling up a rookie, and they're trading me away.


Why do I get the feeling that Robert Frazer's gonna have my head if he reads this? tongue.gif

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