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Ooooh... Heheheh. I most definitely like the idea for this one... Got it from thinking about the new comic. Without further ado, here it is, to Chris de Burgh's "Don't Pay the Ferryman":

Don't Say You'll Go With Her

It was getting late, 'neath the dying sun.
Standing over there in the door,
A women he had seen, but never known her;

She had fled at first, leaving behind food,
But soon he'd found her once again...
She didn't understand
The life he lived as a stranger

But as they'd start to talk,
He'd hear his old friend balk,
He would cry out at the sight - "Don't do it!"
Leave the girl in fright - "Don't do it!
You have no grasp of what's in store,
Whatever you do,

Don't say you'll go with her,
Don't let her bind your soul,
Don't say you'll go with her,
You'll never get over the undead's toll;"

But in spite of this, they grew closer still
Walking her back home at night,
A young voice actress, a game of great measure,
And as he grew some more, gaining strength of will,
And courage to go one step more,
To find within the power that would bring
Them together

But then he heard once again,
"You're setting up for pain,"
Come straight out of the blue - "Don't do it!"
Now what do I do? - "Don't do it!"
How long this pain must I endure?
"Whatever you do,

[Chorus] (repeat, forget how many times)

Don't say.... you'll go with her!"

Wow... that took a long time. I still like it a lot. Perhaps it misinterprets Largo's last say a bit, but quite the amusing filk none the less.

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