Types: Filk, Dom, Parody, Humor
Dom's birthday? Verily, I give the only gift I know how to give...
DOM (Apologies to Isaac Hayes. Profound ones.)

Who's the Megatokyo d00d
Who draws stick figures oh-so-crude?
Damn right...

Who is the man who can wield a gun
Against rabid fans?
Can you dig it?

Who's the guy who's got the gall
To use Photoshop with a trackball?
Right on!

You know, Shirt Guy Dom is one crazy Mother-
Shut yo' Mouth!
Just talkin' 'bout Dom...
Yeah, we can dig it.

He's a complicated man
And not even his readers understand him...
Yeah! Dom!
PS: It's the theme from SHAFT, folks. If you want the original lyrics, you can google them yourselves this time. I'm not clogging this thread...

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