I Smell The Blood Of An Forum Scum!
Be he live, or be he dead,
I'll grind his bones to make my bread

Eye Death
Original: Thriller by Michael Jackson
Filk by umhyuk

1st verse
It's close to update and you look forward to the strip today
You find that Fred's late, and so you join the boards to hear their say
And then it strikes, the sudden urge to dig out your two eyeballs
For what you see is art that no one should be forced to view
So bad you spew
user posted image
'Cause you've seen STICK art, eye-death art
You've seen the SD horror that would make the Shirt Guys proud
For this is STICK art, eye-death art
You're clawing for your eyes because of icky, sticky, STICK art

2nd verse
And when you regain composure after scarring art's been read
You feel it again the brain pain has returned inside your head
Among the threads you find some art that is as bad as STICK art
Fanart it is, but of a kind you wish you'd never seen
Mind won't come clean
user posted image
'Cause this is VAGRANT's, eye-death art
And though it might be good art, it's the scariest there is
You've seen the VAGRANT, eye-death art
You're reaching for the bleach because of creepy, freaky, fanart
user posted image
Have an unholy alliance in SD
There's no escapin' the 'balm' of the bleach this time
(Let the kegs roll)
This is the end of your eyes
user posted image
3rd verse
We're here to get you. We want to cause the reader's eyes to bleed
And we'll recruit you, should you become resistant to our deed
We'll multiply into a force that will yet join the greatest
And then we'll march in SD just to bring apocalypse
Story eclipsed
user posted image
We come with VAGRANT, and STICK art
And with it we can cause more pain than any sharp stick would
For we bring VAGRANT, and STICK art
So we will bring you doom now with our bleachy, sticky, eye-death,
Now let's start

Pens and Trackballs form their swords
In their attempt to take the boards
They will show off what they can
With Vagrant ships and Black OPS vans
So in the darkness that night brings
They give you now these evil things
But worst amongst them here now stands
The one who'll trump their horror brands
user posted image
Though you may wonder who he'll be
I will not tell for you'll soon see
In fact he has appeared before
And he too has made your eyes sore
When pain and fear o'er take your mind
Your mental health will flee
For no mere reader can resist
MY omake of MT
user posted image

Many thanks to Shoka and NightStrife for helping me out with this one.

I have shamelessy used stuff and from the following:
Michael Jackson
Mike the Vagrant
The Great Hibiki

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