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My first attempt at songwriting per se, inspired by Fred's drawing of Saeko and Tom. Since I haven't actually any music-writing skills, I decided to "collaborate" with the 17th-18th century Irish harpist, Turlough O'Carolan. The music for this song is Mary McDermott (midi sequencing by Barry Taylor). Hope you like it.


When the snow on the ground,
Is as light as down,
And the moon overhead whispers gentle silver sounds,
We'll chase our shadows through the meadow north of town,
With the snowflakes floating past our eyes.

There's time to realize, my friend,
That time won't grant us favors and that happiness must end,
But we'll cherish what we have - hope our hearts will mend,
Stand close here beside me,
Together let us watch the mingled warmth that we two breathe
Mist the cold air floating past our eyes.

When the cold winds fly
Through the cloudy sky,
And sting frozen snowflakes from the sea as they go by,*
We'll build a fire in the hearth and stay inside,
With the wood-smoke rising past our eyes.

There's no place quite like here, my love,
To make you understand the price you pay for losing warmth,
And the chilly pride that leaves you in the frozen dark,
Sit close here beside me,
We'll watch the fire dance upon the coals, and we will see
All our heart-warmth rising in our eyes.

*Residents of the towns on the Great Lakes may recognize this as a loose description of a weather phenomenon we in the US call "the lake effect". It describes the phenomenal snow storms that occur get when very cold north winds cross the warmer waters of the lakes. Folk who live in northern Japan also experience this phenomenon, when cold air crosses the Sea of Japan.

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