Here's more proof I'm really not good at this filking stuff. If you've seen my other works (which you probably haven't) you'll know I'm random and tend to take that whole poetic liscence thing a bit closer to butchering the language. Anyway, We Three Kings, two versions. First one's done, Piro version might come later if I can get anything; I'm a big closer to the Largo end of the spectrum I think. As far as a setting, some random MMORPG... NWN maybe?

(See note on first verse at end)

We two geeks of 'Merica are
Seeking games; we traverse afar
Breaking arms and risking harms
Force feedback flies me far

O game of p0w4h, game of m1igh7
Game with graphics rendered right
B33r is fleeting, foes need beating
Let me play you through the night

Owned a n00b at level one
Used his cash to buy a big gun
Level climbing, must stop rhyming
Need to hurry along


Now's the time for the boss to die
I wield my sword, and damaging high
Like games o' th'past, I kick his ass
(I don't like that first part of it)
Whilst teammates all stand by


Ph34r the times of impending doom
I sweep you aside, just as with a broom
My rank's climbing, n00bs are trying
To get spots in my group


Glorious now behold me arise
As my levels climb through the skies
Largo, Largo, Largo, Largo
Sounds mid-dead bosses' cries


I'd actually like it if someone did a proper version of something along these lines. If I can come up with something based off the limited bit of Piro's background I can connect with, I'll give it a go.

(Note on first verse: this will be for both versions. Referense here is to the stips "break your other arm for matching set?" and "She shot me!" (too lazy to get real titles))

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