Hopin' to kick-start some more filkage - this thread's been great.^^

The Autograph Song

MT panel at a local con,
Fans all packed in row-on-row,
Crowd control being handled by Dom,
And guys cross-dressed as Piroko.

Everybody knows some turkey will cause open war,
By asking for some Miho-porn,
A girl with a bat everybody calls Char,
Will make him wish he wasn't born.

They know that Piro's on his way;
He's got a lot of index cards he'll sign today,
And every MT fan will stand in line,
For a cartoon drawn by Fred to their design.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase,
Hoping you'll all show some smarts,
Although Fred will sign many times, many ways,
He won't sign bod-ee parts.

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