Urg. It's been a long day. Not that life's been a bed of roses since I dragged Largo's unconscious form on that plane a couple month ago, but still. Erika's THE Hyasaka Erika. Wow. I can't believe I never put two and two together till now. 'Course, I have been busy with my own problems and all, what with the never-ending cycle of Kimiko liking me then hating me than liking me...where was I, again? And that riot. How'd those fans find out Erika was here, anyway? Looks like I have a long week of bloody noses and who-knows-what-else in store for me. Oh goodie. Another chance to show how worthless and pathetic I am. Kimiko probably thinks I'm a wuss, now. I wouldn't be surprised if she sent me a football helmet or something tomorrow. Oh, well. At least we had a nice talk while cleaning the place up. And, all things considered, I don't think I came off as TOO much of a dork today. Maybe things'll be better tomorrow after all. What's Largo doing, anyway? He's been checking out those Hayasaka Erika fansites forever now. He's never shown this much interest in anything outside of video games and zombies. Ah, well. It's probably been a long day in his warped little world, too. Better call Ping and check up on her before bed. Don't wanna relive another night of hourly phone calls...
So I was wrong. Teh R4ck3d 0n3 was what the hoard was after, after all. And they weren't zombies, either. So, why, then, did the 3vil 0n3 lead me to believe that it was her hoard? Was she somehow behind it in ways I cannot know, or was she merely playing games with my mind? There's something wrong here, I'm just not seeing it. No matter. I must let her be for now. This hoard is the more immediate concern. Dude, this site actually has a catalogue of all the R4ck3d 0n3's socks. And I thought Piro was a freak. Okay, Junpei, here's some more addresses to stake out. It's a good thing Junpei's on my side, here. Honestly, what were his employers thinking, ordering him to keep everyone away? All that'd do is cause the chaos to build up to an explosive level. No. Better to let the R4ck3d 0n3 fight this battle, even if I do need to monitor the situation. No, Boo, I can't sleep. No time to sleep. Sleep is for the weak. It's what you do at work. I must ensure that the entire hoard is under control by tomorrow. I can't let anything distract me...W00t! B33r!
Hmm. Piro just called to check up on Ping. Seems today has been a bit of an eye opener for him. Most likely for the one called Largo as well, though I will leave him for a day or two to stew over it. After all, he really did play poorly today. Still, today's events were...unforseen. It seems that the two games are converging as one. It's nothing I cannot handle, but it is going to make things a little more difficult. Best concentrate on Piro's game tomorrow. And I know just how to do it. Oh, Ping. How would you like to see where I work...?

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