Iain Caduceus, head of R&D for Erika Multinational, paused in his typing for a moment, and let his glance wander to the window as he collected his thoughts. He was surprised to see the faint light of dawn creeping across the night sky, but not very much so. The nights were much shorter this time of year, and besides, he had been up for quite a while.

He chuckled slightly as he remebered the old geek joke, "Dawn is Nature's way of telling you to go to bed". He had gotten a few hours of sleep earlier, at the insistance of Renee Evangel, the magical girl of unclear origins who had become something of a daughter for him.

But his present job was an important one. It was not a new weapon design, and it wasn't even research that could lead to a new weapon design. It was a mission, plain and simple, given to him by none other than his boss and idolised Megatokyo character, Erika Hayasaka.

"I want you to forget all of your other projects, Iain", Erika had said. "I'm giving you special authorisation to request any equipment or data that the company has. You *have* to find out what's behind these attacks. I'm counting on you."

Iain couldn't tell what drove him more strongly to search for answers - the fact his boss considered the matter so important that she had given him special access priveledges, or her simple assertion that she was counting on him.

He was not normally prone to musing on such topics, but his current research was fast coming to a dead end. Exploring various digressions stopped him from feeling frustrated and helped his subconcious work over the problem even as his computer was processing large amounts of sensor data, comparing various energy signatures.

C-kun could only hope that it would all amount to something in the end.

[AN: For those keeping track, this is the start of Day 3. Much excitement still awaits.]

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