Meagen crawled out of bed around nine AM, with much grumbling and yawning. She had spent all the previous day following Kimiko around, reasonning that the attackers would need to get to her before her powerful and violent fanboys - the werewolf McFinnigan, the hockey player Hatcheter, the mercenary DietWaterCzar - decided to keep close watch over her. It seemed like Meagen's sense of plot had failed, though. She had seen no attackers, and had found out nothing new about Sasayaki. She did have a lot of inside information about the plot of the upcoming Sight game, for what it was worth.

Meagen took a nice long shower to wake herself up, then dressed in jeans and a blue shirt with "SWEET CRAZY GIRL" printed on it with white letters. Still grumbling a bit, she went downstairs to the kitchen, where she was greeted with a breakfast of fresh milk and chocolate chip cookies. This made her grumble much less.

She spent quite a while cuddling with her boyfriend and watching parts of some old episode of Mystery Science Theatre.

At lenght she reclutantly untagled herself from his arms, stood up from the large, comfortable couch, and stretched. "I gotta go save the world", she told him. "If I'm not back by two, order some pizza."

"'kay", Draegos said, then duly recieved his see-you-later-be-good-now kiss.


Sir Leto, Grand Paladin of the Temple of Ping, looked up from a book he was reading and almost yelped in surprise. Meagen was right in front of his desk, looking through some of the Temple's paperwork. "Good morning, miss Meagen", he ventured.

Meagen dropped the paper back into the in-tray, and smiled. "Heya. What's with all the security? Ping units in defend mode, extra cameras, and the two armed bodyguards at the door to your office, with instructions not to let anyone in... Something happened?"

"Ah... those..." it seemed worrying to Leto that Meagen was able to name of all the security she had completely bypassed. It would be much more... normal, in a way, if she had seemed unaware of it all. "The armed bodyguards were there since last week. The rest is mostly for show, really... Sabyr was found passed out last evening and rumors have been going around that he was attacked or something. So I had some visible security installed to make the alcolytes feel better."

Meagen nodded thoughtfully. "Sabyr...? Is that the sermons guy? The one who's always going on about Ping's nature?"

"We're *all* here to study the nature of Ping", Leto pointed out patiently. "Sabyr is just... more outspoken about it. He serves as the Temple's voice, in a way. In fact that's what he was doing yesterday. I overheard him talking to some man who was interested in Ping's emotions."

"You didn't recognise the man?", Meagen asked.

The Paladin was a bit surprised at her urgent tone of voice. "He was a fanboy, that much I can tell you", he said with a shrug. "Though of what character, I have no idea. I've never seen him before. He did seem very interested in Ping."

"So... a strange man talks to Sabyr about Ping. Sabyr is later found passed out. And you don't think it's, well, suspicious?"

"Not at all. Sabyr and the other fanboy went to parttake of pie, and apparently he had some with rum filling. Probably got wrapped up in his talking and made a wrong order." The Temple leader's face brightened. "We could be looking at a conversion, you know. Sabyr has always had a gift for talking to people..."

Meagen politely thanked him, and made her way back outside. She frowned thoughtfully. "Asking about Ping's feelings...", she whispered to herself.


A few minutes later, Sir Leto's phone rang. He picked up and listened to a frantic voice at the other end. "What-?! Yuki? Who- But- Is she- I see. Of course. Goodbye."

He hung up. *Blast. If only Meagen were still here. I could implore her to keep an eye on the man. Well, what's done is done. I wonder why Yuki...?*

He never followed up on that thought, because he was busy calling the Temple's leadership together for an urgent discussion. A Draegos rampage was looming, and all the fanboys were in imminent danger.

Maybe if Leto had known about the attacks on Erika and Miho, he'd have realised who else was in danger...


Ping sat in class, looking worried. "Miho-chan never came to pick me up today. Is she sick again? Aren't we friends anymore? She promised she wouldn't let me leave her all alone again..."

The elderly teacher coughed slightly, and began his monologue. "I remeber the First Fanboy War well..." Ping's listening subroutine processed the first three sentences and a quick check determined that the content was identical to the previous history class on record. Her automatic mode selection kicked in.

Laying her head on the desk in front of her, she went into standby mode.

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