C-kun pocketed the odd device, then looked at Ping again and scratched his head. He took a hold of one of her arms and with some trouble, pulled her upright. Propping up her deceptively small but heavy body against himself, he wondered where he should go.

"I will take her", said a quiet voice right behind him. Startled, he barely managed to turn around while keeping Ping standing.

Miho Tohya smiled at him enigmatically. "It's all right", she said. "Put her down."

She helped him lower the robot girl to a sitting position on top of the crate, then knelt down next to her and looked up at C-kun. "You may go now. I will take care of her."

He hesitated, but it was obvious that whatever was about to happen wasn't meant for him to see. With a small bow, he stepped out of the alley and made his way back to his office.


Commander Arram of the YLF took a look around. The communication consoles all around the Beta Site on Na Pali were swamped. All the fanboy clans in Megatokyo were trying to contact them, through all known means ranging from subether radio to crystal balls. The messages fell into three categories: "We're sorry Yuki was attacked", "We are in no way connected with the attack on Yuki", and "Draegos isn't going on a rampage, right? *Right*?"

No-one seemed to be concerned about *him* going on a rampage. He didn't know if he should feel relieved, or ashamed.

He had made a short statement, to the tune of "As soon as we find the one responsible for this we will punish them most painfully. But, uh, we'll try to keep the property damage to a minimum." It was being relayed to all interested by the YLF forces.

Arram sighed, causing the tall, green, lizard-like creature next to him to stir slightly.

"WHAT IS IT?", Bob growled in what, to him, was a hushed tone.

"I can't help but feel... that this is somehow my fault", the YLF leader admitted. "When Draegos left me in charge, I thought that making the YLF less destructive was the right thing to do."

"PEOPLE LIKE US MORE NOW", the Skaarj pointed out.

"Yes, we've made alliances and gathered lots of good PR and saved many more sad girls. But now... this happened to Yuki-chan. She was hurt not by Piro, but by someone from the fanboy side. Someone who knows about us. Maybe if I'd kept up Draegos' policy of attacking everyone who as much as looked at her funny, this wouldn't have happened..."

Bob remained silent, though his tail twitched slightly from side to side.

At the nearest station, a Necris was listening to an image of Manta on his monitor. "...and if Draegos goes on a rampage over this, the Church will blame *you*."

Slightly further off, an apparent human was talking to an image of Hoturi. "As you should know, Draegos has retired."

"That makes no difference!", the white-haired Mihoist sneered. "He has close ties with you, as the most known fan of Yuki Sonoda. You have a measure of influence over him, and we ask that you use it to prevent a disater."

"We will do the best we can", the Necris assured Manta. "We know the destructive power of our former leader all too well."

Manta gave him a long glare through the video link and then sighed. "Fine. Oh yeah, and one more thing..."

"...please do not make mention of this communication", Hoturi said. "Certain individuals may taunt me for acting in a diplomatic fashion."

"...don't let anyone know I called, okay? Hoturi would never let me live it down."

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