Types: Filk, Dom, Humor
Thirteen Rounds

Some people say a man's only flesh and bone,
A spec-op boyo's made of ice and stone,
Heart of stone and nerves of ice,
A calculator mind and a premium price.

You load 13 rounds, whaddya got?
A shiny new SOCOM, ready to rock;
There's 12 in the mag and 1 up the spout,
Y'better beware, 'cause it's the boys' night out.

I was raised on the teachings of ol' Sun Tzu,
When I picked up my first gun, well my aim was true,
I loaded 13 rounds rated forty-five cal,
Fired them off and said "That's my pal!"


I was raised on the book of ol' Nicolo,
I'm a Prince of Mercs and I mean to crow:
Shot my rivals down, locked my friend in my trunk,
For a job with SEGA usin' high-tech junk!


If you see me comin' better kneel and pray,
A lot of smart boys cut and run away,
Got ACP bullets and a sword of steel,
Got a black-ops van for keepin' it real.


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