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Chapter 2 - Calling it Quits


There was only one thing on my mind when I gaited quickly out of the premises on that fateful day when Tsubasa signed that blood contract. That thought was, Tsubasa is so stupid! He just had to go off and sign that contract that would determine his fate with the company and for the both of us. Now that he has gone off and done that, we can't talk to each other at all except on lunch break. Especially since I don't have the granted access I need in order to enter the Sony Labs. This really makes me upset that I just really want to cry. But I don't because I know that it is unnecessary.

The next day, walking into our usual place with a couple of bentous that I made for Tsubasa and I, I saw him. I sat down next to him and offered him the bentou that I made for him. He took it without saying anything and began eating silently. I could tell that he was having it rough by the way that his tired eyes were bloodshot. Not to mention the fact that he simply wouldn't talk cheerfully like he normally does. I knew that I had to say something but what could I say? Without thinking I began, "Tsubasa-kun-" but he cut me off there.

"What was thinking, Yuga-chan?" he sobbed, "Should I have really accepted such terms on such a farfetched contract? Was I right when I put my finger right in that box? You and I both know that the president would have me killed for something as insignificant as that! Why didn't stand up with dignity and die like a man? Tell me Yuga!"

His lip quivered when he finished. If anything these were the questions that he pondered in his soul. What could I say? These were nothing but rhetorical questions that cannot be answered. There's nothing I could say at the moment that I could do to calm the poor sap's heart. However, I was relieved that he knew that his choice of action was very much a loaded agreement and never should have taken the risk. In addition to this risk, he and I both knew that if he didn't accept the agreement, he would have been shot. Unfortunately, this is how Sony works, no matter how important the employee is to the company. I came to the conclusion that there is only one thing I can do now that the mistake has been made, and that is to cheer Tsubasa on. I took a deep breath and I told him "Tsubasa-kun, you and I have been best friends for a long time. What we have learned throughout all those years together comes down to this. Whenever you need help, I'll be there to help, and I can count on you to do the same. All I can do now is just cheer you on from the sidelines." I smiled cheerfully.

He looked up at my face at this comment. "I guess that'll do for now." There was no more talking that day, but it didn't matter because he became much more cheerful afterwards. I love it when he is so confident about himself, it inspires me to do the same. When he got up from finishing his lunch, I never took my eyes off of him as he walked off. Even though he never looked back at me, I knew he was smiling as I was doing the same.


It's been more than two months have passed since Tsubasa started working on what he called the EDS project. I think he must be risking his hide just to be telling me all of the advancements on this experiment. His eyes shine with sincerity and great passion whenever he talks about it. I love his confidence, and just as he finishes his lunch, his face changed for a second. From the bright cheerful look he usually has, his face changed to a very solemn look like he was about to do something that would forever affect his future. With this look, he told me, "I need to give the President a progress report." After that, he walked back into the building. Something was up, I knew it was. Tsubasa was going to do something drastic.

I wanted to know what was up so I followed him, not knowing what would take place up at the top of the building. I'm glad I had authorization card to be there, that way I could see what Tsubasa was up to. I could hear the muffled screeching and yelling from behind the door but I couldn't hear what exactly was being said. What's going on in there? I thought to myself as I approached the door. All I had to do was just lean up against the door so I could hear what they were saying. As my ear touched the door, I yelped as I heard a gunshot from the inside and seeing the door swing wide open almost hitting me in the face. Tsubasa staggered out of the room with his right hand clutching his wounded left shoulder. I wanted to scream, but nothing would come out. I covered my mouth and with wide eyes filled with terror watching helplessly as they continued arguing.

"You heard me once, and you'll hear it again you bastard!" He screamed back into the room, "I QUIT!"
"GO TO HELL!" The voice called back from the room.

Tsubasa started running from there and from the room came a second gunshot. It barely missed Tsubasa, only centimeters away from his head. Hearing a loud thud I turned to see what it hit. I woman was lying dead, carrying many documents to the oval office as the president walked out with a semi-automatic pistol in hand. He kicked the body with his foot to turn it over. It was his secretary. "Hmph... You were expendable anyway." He spat on the corpse then cocked his pistol again firing five more bullets into the corpse right before my eyes. I couldn't move. I was even more petrified once he spotted me with an evil glare. With his arm outstretched, he pointed the gun at me, and with a devious grin he said, "Now then, we can't have any witnesses..." he pulled the trigger. Click. "Hm? Oh dear, out of bullets? You are very lucky..." He hoisted his gun and then with a very serious tone of voice, he stated bluntly, "Listen, if you value your life, you will speak this matter to no one, understand? If you tell a single soul, I will personally come after you and serve your head on a silver platter for the dogs."

I couldn't move. My muscles were completely stiff and wouldn't respond to the commands that my brain gave them to run as fast as I could. I now knew the real president. I tried screaming, but not a sound came out, and I now knew that Tsubasa needed to get out of the country, fast. I attempted to call his Cell phone but it seems like he had turned that off. I awaited his call for several hours, even after work. But hearing his voice coming from a payphone was unheard of, but he did it.

"Yuga…" he sounded tired.
"Tsubasa! Where the heck are you?"
"Listen, I'm calling by payphone so I can't be tracked; I need you to come to the local park at midnight. I really must talk to you, and I want you to meet the EDS prototype."
"Alright, I'll meet you then."

That night, I found Tsubasa waiting in the park. He had a girl with him, tending to his wounds with a first aid kit. At first, I couldn't tell what she was doing but in my mind there was a little bit of jealousy. I shook it off as I came into view. I said, "Does it hurt?"

"I'm fine now, thank you," he said, "truly, I owe it all to the EDS prototype's skill with a first aid kit."
"Thank God."
"By the way, I want you to meet the prototype, Ping." I turned to get a good look at Ping. I was amazed that she looked so real, just like a real human being. The eyes, face body, everything looked like a normal person. But what surprised me all the more, it was like looking in a mirror. Tsubasa designed Ping to look exactly like me... only a little younger and more vivacious. She looked just like I did back when I was in High School with him. I felt honored for having him design her just like me! Wow! Tsubasa said, "Like it? She has your personality and your voice too!" His face turned very serious as the atmosphere changed as silence dawned on us.

To break the silence, he said solemnly, "Yuga, I have to leave the country. I'm calling it quits for Sony."
"I know you have to leave, otherwise the Sony Enforcement Division would kill you the first chance you get. All I want for you is to keep in touch. But how do you plan on getting past Sony? They know everything about their customers and their employees..."
"Customers! That's it! I know how we can get passed the Sony GPS!"
"Really? How?"
"Yes! All I have to do is sell everything I own! That way, I will be completely invisible to Sony and the SED!"
"What about your friends that are staying at your place?"
"Don't worry about that, I'll just come up with an excuse; however, I need your help to pawn all of my stuff before they wake up in the morning. Will you help out, please?"
"I will. Anything for you."

He then turned to Ping, "Ping, I'm leaving this country. You remember Piro and Largo, right? I'm leaving you into their hands. Piro is going to be your new owner, got that?"
"If you say so, Tsubasa."

We worked so hard to get rid of everything, but we managed to do it. I suggested that he should go directly to Los Angeles because it would be cheaper, more convenient, and he has friends over there instead of Honolulu, but he didn't listen to me. It doesn't matter. I just hope he doesn't forget me… I will pray for his safety in the states whenever I can.


To be continued...

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