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Chapter 3: Follow Your Heart

God, I hate my life. First of all, I sign a blood contract that would forever change and determine the fate of my career and perhaps my life, then, I run away from my problem like a little girl in order to stay alive, and then lastly, I leave Piro and Largo behind in Japan without ever telling them, "Sayonora." To make matters worse, in the only form of goodbye that I had, I lied in a simple note where I could have explained everything. It was really a lame half-assed excuse anyways. Basically I wrote that I was inspired by those two to go and sell all of my possessions in order to pursue my true love in America. More guilt piles on top of me as I just remember writing it. I really just wanted to tell them the truth but… but… how could I? There would be no way on Earth they would understand the crap that was flung into my face during their stay. Especially someone of Piro and Largo's character. I wish them luck in finding a new place to stay, especially since I haven't paid my rent in about a month.

The real reason why I left Sony dates back to when I was working in the Sony Labs. It had been ten weeks since I started working on the project and things were really looking up for Ping. Just ten weeks and we were already almost done with the project. Actually, that was several months ahead of the completion date. Everyone was very pleased with the results and I was praised for the efficiency of the project and most people said that it was because of my leadership, knowledge, and wisdom that we managed to complete this project so quickly. It's a good thing that it was almost done, my brain couldn't take it anymore. Not the project itself, but from everything I learned from there. I learned that every single Sony device had some sort of destructive capability that enabled it to severely hurt the user or the surrounding people, if activated of course. And I knew all of the activation codes and processes in order to unlock such.

Even though Ping was incomplete, she was still fully operational. The major reasons why she was incomplete was because of the fact that she couldn't operate on hentai or ecchi games, but also because her mind-control software has not been installed. The missing software enabled her to crosswire brain waves and manipulate people's thoughts and actions to get her anything she wants. Who knows what sort of things she could get away with, with something complimented with the Hentai/ Ecchi software! I shudder at the thought. She already had the destructive capabilities from the "rejection flaw" that was purposely installed by the rest of the staff for sheer amusement. I refused to allow something that looked so delicate, my masterpiece, to be ruined by operating on hentai games being able to get anything she wants. I wanted to pull her out of the Labs before it was too late.

"Are you sad, Tsubasa-kun?" I jumped hearing Yuga's voice and jerked around trying to find where her voice came from. She doesn't have access to the Labs so it couldn't have been her. I came to the conclusion that it must have been all in my head but…
"Tee-hee!" It was Ping... she even has Yuga's voice... "What's wrong, Tsubasa-kun?"
"I really don't want to talk about it."
"Come on, tell me! Onegai?"
"Fine… I'm really confused right now Ping. What should I do? To me, you're already perfect, but the company... the company wants to do something diabolical to you... they want to turn you into a weapon. What should I do? What would be the best course of action that I should take? Should I go along with them? Or should I do what's right?"

Yeah, I know, talking to a machine. But it is even weirder when you can have a conversation that means something with one. But to tell you the truth, I felt at ease when talking to Ping. It was as if I was just talking to Yuga. The reaction sure was more genki and a bit more carefree, but it certainly was the same. Hearing her voice always makes me feel more comfortable, even in the stingiest situations. She said something to me that reminded me of what Yuga would say. She smiled, "I think that you should just follow your heart, and do what you think is right. If you do simply that, I'll cheer you on."

That did it. Even though it was a little vague, I knew exactly what I had to do. "Ping," I said confidently giving her the thumbs up, "We are going to leave the Labs today." I didn't care that I would lose my job, I didn't care that I signed a blood contract, I didn't care that the president would kill me. None of that mattered anymore. But one thing did matter to me, and that was, what would Yuga think? At our lunch break, we talked like we did normally, but I didn't explain my current situation to her because I knew that she would object. After finishing my lunch, I got up telling her that I really needed to give the President a status report. Of course, even though it didn't concern her, nor did I want her to come, I knew that she would follow me because she is always suspicious of caliginous behavior especially if it is suspicious behavior that concerned someone that she knew… namely me.


After getting off the elevator on the top floor and entering the presidential office, I was confident, but unaware of what horrors awaited me from behind that enormous wooden door. I opened the door and took a deep breath. As usual, the president was sitting at his furnished desk on the other side of the room. He was reading some document which I presumed that it was a Sony Enforcement Division report. I was the first to say anything.

"Mr. President, we really need to talk."
"Ah Tsubasa, what is that you want to talk about?"
"Mr. President, I quit."
"Say that again?" His voice grew angry.
"I said, I quit. Do I need to repeat myself? I'm not doing your bidding anymore."
"I admire your ability to say the dumbest things. You know that that not possible. You signed the contract, remember?"
"I don't care. You may have put me on a contract for life, but that still doesn't strip me of my free will! I'll prefer death over working for your company ever again!"
"That can be arranged. Even if you die, you will still work for Sony for all of eternity."
"What the hell do you mean?"
He got up from his desk and turned to face the window. "You see, we at Sony have bought out Hell and now have a facility down there that is used to employ work upon miscreants and hooligans like yourself." When he turned around to face me he had a pistol in his hand. "That also means that Sony will be in business forever! HAHAHAHAHA!"
"You bastard!"

I knew I was scared now. Terror filled my eyes as I slowly stepped backwards towards the door, eyes transfixed on the president's motions. I never thought he would ever pull a gun on me. His ominous, suspenseful steps made my heart beat harder and faster. I knew I was going to do die now. I was going to get it. Those demonic eyes that shone with a twinkle told me instantaneously that he was serious about killing me. He had the expression of a madman, a serial killer that had no remorse about butchering those around him. I summoned up the last of my courage as soon my back was against the door.

"You'll never get away with this! I, for one, will certainly not let you!"
"Oh, but I already have. You see, I am able to manipulate the very will of each and every Sony customer. And now that I have told you all of this..." His demented smile shined with eagerness and the desire for bloodshed. "I'm going to have to kill you."

His words, he said these words so casually like they meant nothing at all. My back was against the door and while I was trying to swing the door open, he lifted the pistol from his side and fired it at me. Luckily, it only hit my shoulder. Clasping my wound, I staggered out the door and into the middle of the hallway.

"You, you bastard! I said it once and I'll say it again!" I screamed back at the president, "I QUIT!"

What followed these words was a second gunshot. It singed some of my hair as it flew passed my head. I sprinted out of that room and into the elevator as fast as I could while clutching my shoulder. I winced in pain as I went down to the Labs, grabbed Ping, and ran out of the building while leaving a trail of blood behind me. The alarm had sounded and the building was already crawling with SED agents. I managed to run all the way into a local park before collapsing on a bench. Ping went to get a first aid kit as I clung onto consciousness desperately. Luckily, she found one at a local convenience store. After fixing me up as best she could, she went into standby mode. I came to the conclusion that she must have used up all her energy worrying about me. It seemed like Piro was doing just fine, actually, while fighting to maintain composure, I went to show her off to him. I'm glad that he managed to find a job. After that, I talked on a payphone with Yuga to meet her at the park I was relaxing in.

That night, Yuga, Ping, and I sold all of my stuff. Everything from furniture to magazines to electronics was completely removed from my apartment while Piro and Largo slept. It totaled to approximately ¥800,000. Yuga let me use her backpack for this trip and packed it full of food, water, and other necessities and even bought my plane tuition. I left by airplane at 2AM in the morning not knowing if I would ever see my homeland, Yuga or anyone else ever again.

Sometimes I wonder why I left Yuga over there with those hellhounds at Sony. I inquire my integrity and I wonder what I did back there was for the best. I now will have to appreciate the firearms training that I received when I got promoted. I am never going back to work there for as long as I exist. However, now that I have escaped from that hellhole of a company after signing a blood contract, and then escaping with company secrets that I have learned after working in the Sony Labs and from the president, I worry how long I am going to be able to survive living as a fugitive. I know that the president will not stop his rampage until he has me six feet under and that he will maintain control of the company for all of eternity.

All and all, I know that I am never going to allow that to happen so easily. As I take my first steps off the plane in Honolulu, I vow to fight the evil empire with every ounce of strength that I have left in my body. This is going to be a hard fight, and I am at a severe disadvantage. One thing is for certain though; I will never give up.


To Be Continued!

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