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Chapter 4: The S.E.D. Report

Rain pelted the window of the presidential office as the President stood, arms folded across his chest, staring over the city of Tokyo. Whenever it rained, he always reflected on recent events, transactions and other important issues that were dealt with or had to be. His mind wandered to what was considered the recent Tsubasa incidents. Three days have passed since the Tsubasa crisis, and three days the president spent his time thinking about what this idiot has done. Even if it was dumb luck, he was the first to ever survive the President's incurring wrath. How bothersome! The very thought that Tsubasa was still around, living and breathing troubled the President. If the SED did their job right, the president could rest easy and wouldn't have to worry about that pest any longer. "This vermin has to be dealt with sooner or later!" the president thought aloud as he turned around to see his AIDE enter the room.

"Sir, pardon the intrusion, but the S.E.D's report just came in," the AIDE said cautiously, watching for the President's motions. The president simply turned back around to face the window.
"I see. I take it that the operation went as smoothly as planned?" The President inquired, he attempted to sound as levelheaded as he possibly could.
"Affirmative, but there's one small problem."
"And what would that be?"
"Well... actually... you see..." He stuttered nervously.
"Spit it out."
"Uh... Tsu-Tsubasa... Tsubasa, he... slipped through our fingers again."
The president spun around angrily, "What did you say?"
"I...I would think that it would be best if you just read the report." The AIDE tiptoed silently over to the president's desk and set the document face up and quickly moved back to his original position. "By the way, we have sent that newbie, Ed, to go and retrieve the prototype as ordered. Are you sure that sending that novice out there alone is a good idea?"
"He is demented and sinister enough to get the job done. His survival record is quite exquisite… wait a minute, Are you questioning my orders?!"
"Ah… n-n-no sir!"
The president took a deep breath to calm down. He really didn't feel like executing anyone today. "I see... well then, I'll get to reading it later. I am in a very bad mood right now so it would be best if you leave the premises before I have to kill you."
"Right away, sir. Oh, and by the way, sir, we have eliminated any official, public or private, relations of Tsubasa with the company as you have requested."
"Excellent. Now get out of my sight."
"As you wish sir."

With this, the AIDE exited the room, closing the door as quietly as he could. Once again, the President was alone in his lair. With all public and private relations of Sony being associated with Tsubasa terminated, that would mean that even if he did file a lawsuit against Sony, he simply would not have any evidence regarding that Sony would be out for global domination. It was a perfect plan, the president thought to himself as he walked slowly to his desk to read the document. The president sent one of his best teams, the Cerberus team, to track down the fugitive. Those hellhounds have always proven their worth in subterfuge and as well as assassination of many top officials in competitor companies in the past, so this should be a cake walk for them.

The president picked up the note and began reading.


Sony Enforcement Division
Cerberus Team
Agent A0527

As ordered, the Cerberus team set out to kill Tsubasa at all costs. Our intelligence reported seeing him in the local park last night with the prototype talking to a friend, saying that he was going to leave the country. He sold everything he owned so that our GPS and electronic locators would not track him. He's quite brilliant, knowing that we could track him down if he had owned any Sony products. Since all he has now is just cash, he is going to be very hard to trace.

Our intelligence stated that he would be leaving to America in the morning. His friend mentioned that he should have been leaving for Los Angeles, explaining that he had friends over there, so he could hide out with them. Tsubasa agreed to the terms so we knew that this would be an easy task.

With this in mind, we slipped into the airport without being stopped by guards, metal detectors and any other hindrances. We would have shot anyone up anyway if they had stopped us for questioning. We boarded the 7:00 flight to Los Angeles without any trouble thanks to the phony tickets that were issued to us.

There was no room for marginal errors of any sort. We waited until we were at terminal altitude before performing any action. Directly after the pilot announced that we have reached cruising altitude, each of the eight agents in the party stood up and unsheathed our handguns. I ordered the other seven agents to open fire on all the flight attendants and threaten to murder any of the civilians that bothered to move from their seats.

Activating an Electro-magnetic pulse, I disabled all electronics on board for two reasons: One. To make sure that no one on board could call for help nor report this act to the police. And two. To disable the black box that is the central control center that alerts if there is any trouble onboard. It also disabled the entire aircraft, so a plane crash was inevitable. After doing this, I moved into the cockpit and eliminated both pilot and copilot. Throwing them out, I ordered for all agents to get ready for impact. Everyone then jumped out of the aircraft taking all the life rafts with us, with parachutes strapped to our backs. We watched gleefully as the aircraft took the plunge into the ocean. Our mission was a success, or so we thought.

We floated downwards, and prepared to search the craft to see if there were any survivors. As we thought, there were no survivors in the crash. We searched it thoroughly but we didn't find a trace of Tsubasa. Apparently, he wasn't onboard.

After getting back to Japan, we took the liberty of eliminating this source of faulty evidence after finding out there was 2 AM flight to Honolulu. It seems to us that he must have changed his mind at the last minute or he gave did this in order give us the slip. If anything, he is most likely still in Honolulu and while he is there relaxing and resting. Now is the time to strike. We will await orders.

Much Regrets.
S.E.D. Cerberus Team

The President chuckled after reading this. "He's good," he said to himself as he reached out to turn on the intercom, "Get the president of Square-Enix on the line. I want to talk to him about our next enslavement project, Final Fantasy XI. Oh, and after that, send a message to the SCEA about this matter. I want them to send their best agent to go find this menace and kill him. Oh, and give the Cerberus team a few days break before having them head to Los Angeles while you're at it."
"Of course, Sir," The AIDE replied over the intercom.


The next day, in the North American branch of the Sony Enforcement Division office, the field supervisor called in a beautiful woman to undertake this mission. She had short red hair and entrancing green eyes. As she stomped into her field supervisor's office, she wondered why the hell she was being paged.

She yelled, "What the hell were you paging me for? I was just enjoying my lunch when you came blasting on my pager saying that you needed to talk to me!"
"Sorry Ryoko, but the head honcho in Japan who wants someone in Honolulu very, very, dead," he said as he pulled out a photograph of Tsubasa. Ryoko's eyes widened as she looked at the photo.
"His name is Tsubasa. I believe that he works for us, and has a very good record with the company. Last I heard of him, he was designing this robot thingamajigger. He has a helluva bounty on his head. I don't know why the president wants him dead though…"
Ryoko turned away. "I accept."
"I thought you would. You should leave tonight at best."

Ryoko left the room taking the photograph with her. She leaned up against a wall and took out a small photograph from her wallet that seen a lot of use. She put it away and then looked at the Tsubasa's photo.
"Tsubasa, huh?" Ryoko said, "I'm coming for you."


To Be Continued!

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