Types: Fanfic
(Age 11)
Entry 37-

<I can't believe daddy is leaving again. He and mommy never say where he goes, but everytime he leaves he never comes back for like a month. And last time he came back he had a broken arm. I was so scared, but he said he was ok.

Oh no. I think he's leaving now.


Daddy left right after dinner. He didn't eat much. I guess he wasn't very hungry. We didn't talk much, but we were all really really tired.

I almost forgot. Tomorrow is Miya's birthday, and we're all going to go out to her favorite place. It's called Ann Miru. I think. Anyway we're all going out and then we're going to her house to open her presents and eat some cake. I know she's going to love my gift. It's a set ment for three best friends. A hair band, a hair ribbon, and a braclet. They don't seem like they would be in a set, but they each say "Friendship."

Mommy said it would be more lucky to say a prayer or them. I'm going to do that before I got to sleep.

Before I go to sleep, I need to write this down.
There's this boy in my class I can't stop looking at. He is just so cute!! He doesn't like to talk a lot, but that's ok, he's still cute. His name is Mihako. He's made fun of cause people think it sounds like a girl's name.

Well nighty night.>

Entry 38-

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