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Entry 52-

<Daddy got back today and he seemed really happy. I just realised I've been talking about myself all this time and I haven't said much about my friends.
You already know Miya is my best friend, but I never did say how I met her.
I'll never forget it. It was like a dream. I was only 6, so where I lived seemed much bigger. Mommy was taking me for a walk in the park. The same one we buried Giki. It wasn't raining, but I remember very gray clouds.

I can't remember exactly how it happened. One moment mommy was right next to me and the next moment she was gone. I was sooooo scared. Everything seemed to grow around me. I felt so small. I was going to scream my head off, but then I heard something.

I could hear a voice, but I cound't tell where it came from. The voice said "Are you ok?"
I was scared, but also happy to hear someone. When I turn around I saw Miya sitting on a bench by herself. She was the same size as me. She asked me if I was ok again. I told her I lost my mom. When I told her that she said her mother was coming by to pick her up. She said I could wait with her till her mom came and she would help me.

We sat there for only a few minutes, but we did nothing but talk. After a while I found out she went to my school and I even remembered seeing her a few times.

When Miya's mom found us I was so happy to see my own mom with her. Turns out she was looking for me all that time. After that day me and Miya met at school all the time and soon became real good friends.

I'll never forget that day. For that one moment Miya was like an Angel that came and saved me.

Lunch time!!


<Since I told you about Miya the other day, I thought I would tell a little about Megumi. To tell the truth I don't know a lot about her.

She's in the same class with Miya, so we don't get too many chances to talk at school. When we do talk we get along almost like sisters. She has much prettier hair then me, so I'm glad she got the ribbon. It looks so cute in her hair. It is a little big for her now, but it'll look perfect when she's older.

Anyway, she is a lot of fun. She beat all of us in almost any game. Everyone wants her on their team, and she's so good the teacher lets her pick which team she wants to be on. Every time she picks the team either me or Miya are on.

An amazing thing happened one day, I just remembered. Me, Miya, and Megumi were talking in my classroom between one class and three boys came up to us. They were older then us so I was surprised to see them in our room. They came over to us and asked if we wanted to "play" with them after school. I'm not really sure if they ment something bad by that, but Miya and Megumi seemed to, so we told them no. They gave us a look that really scared me. They were just about to do something when Megumi stopped them all of a sudden. She whispered something to them, and even today I don't know what she said. But when she did the two guys turned and ran out of our class. I haven't seen them since then.

There is one more thing I should add. I know it sounds crazy, but there are some times when Megumi looks like me almost. Maybe I'm just seeing things.

Anyway, that's all for now.

I hope this shows that I'm not going to be so obvious with my current MT connections. Trust me, if I had started the other way I was going to, then you all would have cursed me for not connecting enough.

By the way, I was thinking of maybe coming up with a sketch of Miya, and with enough luck get to a scanner. Sadly I don't have one. But I will do no such thing if this fanfic of mine isn't as, well, interesting as I'd like it to me.

Please tell me if I'm messing up.


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