Entry 86-

<It's been a week since I found that letter and my class hasn't gotten anywhere close to the words in the letter. I would have waited longer, but I'm not taking English anymore. I finished English classes the school needed me to take, and I wanted to take more. It's just amazing how hard the language is. Now I understand why Americans hate learning Japanese, or any other language.

Anyway, since my mom is a teacher, she thought I didn't need to learn English. I hate fighting with her, so I didn't. She let me pick what class to take next, so I'm going to take art.

I still want to find out what the letter says, so I'm getting help from Rika, one of my newer friends. Her mom studied English almost every year she could in school. I'm going to ask Rika if she could ask her mom to write down what the letter says.

Well, I need to stop, my hand is tired.

Bye bye for now>

Entry 93-

<Wow. Megumi-chan SUGO! I finally found out what Megumi said to those jerks. I could never see Megumi saying something like that, but now that I think about it......wow!! I don't need to rewrite what she said, I'm never going to forget it.

Oh yeah, Rika said her mom would be glad to rewrite the letter so I can understand it. She told me Rika would bring it to me tomorrow. I am real happy that I'll finally find out what the letter says, but I'm worried too. Today dad came home and seemed like he was going to yell at the first person he met. But when he came to me, he suddenly smiled and asked how school was.

I'm worried, so I hope tomorrow comes soon.
So I'm going to bed early tonight.


Entry 94-

<Rika gave me the rewriten letter, and I read it.>

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