Ping skipped cheerfully along the street on her way back to Mega Gamers. Tohya-chan had given her an idea with her brief exercises and she was eager to get back and try it out. As she turned the corner she spotted a familiar figure, head down, hands in pockets.

"Piro-kun! Where are you going?"

Piro looked up, "Hi Ping, I thought you were going to visit Tohya-san." Piro looked down at his feet. "Hayasaka-san needed to have another little talk with Largo so I left."

Ping smiled brightly, "Tohya-chan had an important meeting with the Head Ninja, and usually she will walk with me back to the store. She says that I'm unable to recognize threats to myself so the meeting must have been very important to her. I should call her because I know she will be worried."

Piro looked around uncomfortably, "Ping, exactly what do you and Tohya-san do when you visit her?"

"Oh, we play games. She has also been trying to teach me to dance." Ping then looked down shyly, "And we talk about boys."

Piro smiled at the thought of Ping dancing, "Oh, that's nice."

"Today Tohya-chan was exercising and she did the most interesting thing, watch this." Ping stood in front of Piro and slowly arched back in a perfect imitation of Miho's one-handed bridge.

Piro's gaped at Ping, "She can do that?"

"Oh yes, and that's not all." Ping slowly raised her left leg past Piro's face, her skirt slowly sliding up to reveal her thigh. Piro stood transfixed, unable to take his eyes off of the robot girl. At the last moment she suddenly collapsed with a squeal and hastily pulled her skirt down.

Piro blinked as if awakening from a dream, Ping huddled at his feet. "What's wrong Ping? Are you okay?" Ping looked up at him wide eyed, "I guess my chassis isn't as flexible as Tohya-chan" She reached up and took Piro's hand as she stood.

"Have you eaten yet Piro-kun?"

"No I haven't."

"Could we go somewhere that has pie please?"

Piro looked puzzled for a moment, "Umm, sure Ping, we can do that."

As they walked side-by-side Ping gently caught Piro's hand in hers, their fingers twining together. Piro was surprised at how natural, how good it felt.

"Piro-kun, do you think that Largo-sensei will try to hack me?"

Piro was silent for a moment "I don't think so."

"Are you sure?"

After a longer silence Piro responded quietly, "No"

They walked a little farther and were nearly at Anna Millers when Ping continued, "Can I stay with you?"

"What do you mean Ping?"

Ping looked down, "Well, lie beside you when we are asleep, I would feel safer if I could."

Piro looked over at Ping, "I guess that would be okay. So you can recognize threats after all?"

Ping just smiled in reply as they entered the restaurant, she was happy. She had finally gotten Piro to notice her.

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