Erika glared at the back of Largo's head, "We waited for you last night, where were you?"

Largo froze, his hands hovering over the keyboard.

"What's wrong Largo? Wasn't that the question you thought I'd ask?"

Erika stood and crossed her arms tightly, "Well, aren't you going to say anything?"

Largo glanced back over his shoulder then turned to stare at the screen, "Junpei and I had some important data collection to finish."

Erika nodded then smiled tightly, "So, you stood me up so you and your bully boy could surf the web? Is that it? You humiliated me in front of our friends! And then..."

Largo spun around, "It was important!"

Erika stepped closer, "Where's that high talk of yours? You sound almost normal. Do I frighten you? Is that it, are you afraid of girls?"

Largo once more turned to his computer, "I don't know what you're talking about"

Erika lowered her arms, her fist clenched in rage, "Nanasawa called me and told me about the little package you sent to the studio this morning."

Largo stiffened, "She told you?"

"Of course she did, I helped her get back on her feet. I helped her get a real job. I've been there for her when she couldn't go any lower. Why wouldn't she call?"

Largo stammered, "I..I didn't think she'd want you to know."

Erika grabbed Largo and jerked him to his feet, "Not want me to know! I already know everything about her, Largo!"

Erika shoved Largo back and turned away, "Well, her performance this afternoon was brilliant. She didn't have to fake the tears."

Largo once again sat down to his keyboard. Erika screamed, "What's wrong with you! How could you do such a thing ? Why would you do such a thing?"

Largo replied deadpan, "I have to protect him, he can't sense the evil like I can."

Erika turned back to glare at Largo, "Piro is a grown man, which is more than I can say for you. He doesn't need you to protect him from women." A look of horror crossed her face, "Did you even show him the pictures?"

Largo turned and looked at Erika coldly, "Of course not, that's the sort of thing I'm trying to protect him from."

Erika's face twisted in rage, "You're sick. I want you out of here tommorrow morning."

Largo stood to face her once more, "Fine, we'll leave then."

Erika stepped closer, "No, Piro can make up his own mind after I've told him what you've done. Goodnight Largo"

Largo grabbed her shoulder, "I can't let you do that.."

Erika exploded, she caught Largo's arm and hip tossed him, sending him flying over his computer. Largo slowly stood and pulled something from a large box. Erika's hand flew to her mouth as she recognized the crossbow. She bolted to the door and with a strength born of desperation she shoved the junk that had been used to block it out of the way. As she opened the door a bolt clipped her ponytail and sailed out into the street. Erika screamed as she sprinted down the stairs then tripped just two steps from the bottom. Rising slowly to her feet she looked back up the stairs to see Largo attempting to cock his weapon. She kicked off her shoes and ran down the street toward Anna Millers, someplace with lights and people. Behind her she heard Largo screaming at her, threatening her. It was the first time he'd ever spoken her name.

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