Erika's lungs burned as she pounded up the street, with every stride of her long legs she gained ground on her pursuer. Her thoughts raced even faster than her body, why hadn't she taken Largo down? Why had she run? The answer was simple, if she'd have put him down he would never get up again.

It would have been so easy, her arm wrapped around his neck squeezing the arteries. Just hold until he stops struggling and then for just a few minutes more. It was that simple. She shuddered as she remembered it, the fear as she held on waiting for the security people to come. The horror of it as she realized that the fan would never again hear her voice, the pleading in his eyes before the light left them forever.

She could see the lights of Anna Millers just ahead, she was going to make it.

Piro sat beside Ping in the booth with a bemused expression on his face. Pings comment about her and Miho discussing boys now intrigued him. The robot girl had allowed him to lead the way as they walked hand in hand, somehow she had coaxed him into sitting beside her after she had scooted into the booth first. He realized that they were on a date. Miho must be an excellent teacher.

"Are you going to call Tohya-san, Ping?"

"Oh, I almost forgot." Ping then pulled a cord from her jacket pocket and handed it to Piro. "Could you plug this in for me please?" she said as she turned her head and presented an earblade to him.

Piro plugged the datacord in and found himself face to face with the robot girl, he blushed when he found himself thinking how pretty her eyes were.

"What's wrong Piro-kun?"

"Umm, nothing. It's just that you have very pretty eyes. I'd never really looked at them before."

Ping smiled coyly, "Thank you Piro-kun." The datacord popped out and she reeled it back into her pocket.

"Did you already call Tohya-san, Ping?"

"I sent her a text message telling her that I am with you here at Anna Millers."

Piro looked stunned, "That's amazing."

Ping smiled, "It's pretty simple actually."

Ping nestled against Piro and he realized that his arm was around her shoulders, now when had that happened? Guiltily he wondered if Nanasawa was working tonight, what if she saw them here like this? He relaxed as Ping opened the menu for them. Nanasawa knew about Ping, that she was like a little sister didn't she? Still, she didn't feel much like a sister right now.

Miho read the message and smiled, so Piro had actually noticed her. That was good. Still, this presented a problem. Miho needed to feed, she needed protein and fat, she needed meat and she needed it now. She was within a block of Anna Millers, she intended to get a hamburger there but she didn't want to intrude on Ping and Piro. She was struck by the thought of Junpei's body cooling there on the sidewalk where she had left it and shuddered. No! she wasn't an animal, she wouldn't that.

She could smell the faint scent of blood and fear now. What was that? She could hear barefeet pounding on the pavement and then she saw the ex-Idol Hayasaka sprinting toward the door of anna Millers. Miho shuddered again as the thought of prey fleeing struck her like a hammer then another urge, they one that The Machine had intended struck her. The need to protect.

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